About us

Quality cleaning services done a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Reliable House Cleaners in Sheffield

Our Team

We only work with the finest professional cleaners, so that we provide the highest quality cleaning services to our customers in Sheffield. We reward our cleaners for being the best.

We offer flexible work that fits around our cleaners schedules, happy cleaners = happy customers. We pride ourselves on looking after our team and see it as essential to reaching the high standards we set ourselves.

We know that our cleaners make us who we are, so ensure that they get a fair wage.


Minimum 2 years experience
Provide all cleaning supplies (inc. Vacuum cleaner)
Work in teams for effective cleaning
Clean to a set checklist, never miss a spot
Fair pay for our hard working cleaners

Rigorous selection process, interviewed in person
Reference checked
£2million in public liability insurance to keep your home safe

House Cleaning Service Prices in Sheffield

Our Story

Launched in the summer of 2015, we set out with the aim of providing the best cleaning services Sheffield has ever seen.

You may be wondering how we do this, it all begins with the cleaners and the standards we set. We typically go through 300 applications for one cleaning team.

Our standards are set high so that we can provide the highest quality service. We value our cleaning teams by ensuring they are happy with each task and by ensuring they are paid above the living wage.

Read more about our cleaners below.

Having completed extensive research on properties of all shapes and sizes, we came up with our 3 cleaning checklists:

Move in / Move out

With our cleaning checklists we aim to offer something for everyone, whether that may be a light clean for the most important areas of your home, or a deep clean should you not have had a clean for a while and finally a move in / move out clean to leave the place brand spanking new!

So far Sheffield has received this approach well, having said that we are continuously on the lookout for ways to improve our service. If you feel there are any nooks or crannies we have missed please do let us know!