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Join us on the National Day of Reflection

By NowThen Cleaners | Mar 23, 2021

One year has passed since Boris Johnson announced that the country would enter a lockdown in attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus (covid-19). I think many would agree it would have been hard to believe back then, that we would find ourselves in a national lockdown twelve months on. It has been an extremely…

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Office Cleaning

Top 5 Office Cleaning Headaches

By NowThen Cleaners | Nov 19, 2020

When we take on a new client’s office cleaning, we often hear the same problems that they experienced with their previous cleaning contract provider, over and over again. At NowThen Cleaners we like solutions, not problems! Here are some of our solutions to frequent common problems experienced when using other cleaning companies. Cleaners not turned…

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NowThen Cleaner’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

By NowThen Cleaners | Feb 28, 2019

With Mother’s day approaching, we’ve compiled a NowThen Cleaner’s handy guide of ideas to treat mum, all while supporting some of Sheffield’s fantastic independent business. Sheffield Makers Photograph © 2019 Sheffield Makers Browse the shelves of vibrant screened artwork depicting familiar scenes such as the City skyline or Peak District, or accessories handcrafted from beautifully…

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How to Clean Your Drains Effectively in Minutes

By NowThen Cleaners | May 2, 2018

How to Clean Your Drains Effectively in Minutes Guest post by Rachel Kerr Most of us have a weekly cleaning routine that we stick to as much as we can. However, there are some commonly forgotten areas of our homes that we can easily forget to clean. One of the most uncommonly cleaned areas of…

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Facts You Should Know For an Effective Office Cleaning in Sheffield

By NowThen Cleaners | Apr 27, 2018

Cleaning your office can feel like a troublesome job when you have to work and take care of the cleanliness of the workplace by yourself. You can always hire office cleaners in Sheffield to take care of the hygiene because that gives you enough time to focus on your business. Things get better and you…

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Make a Great First Impression with Quality Cleaning Services in Sheffield

By NowThen Cleaners | Apr 17, 2018

We are taught since our childhood that “First impression is the last impression” and this turns out to be an important belief in almost every aspect of our life, especially in business. Office cleaners in Sheffield believe that first impressions never have a second chance. Keeping an office clean is one of the essential strategies…

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Reasons Why Landlords Need to Hire End of Tenancy Cleaning in Sheffield

By NowThen Cleaners | Apr 17, 2018

Have you given your tenants the notice regarding the about-to-expire tenancy? Maybe, when your tenants vacant and leave the house, they may leave a lot of dust and scum around the house, uncleaned! Don’t get worried about getting the house cleaned for the new tenants! Domestic cleaners in Sheffield can do the job for you…

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Get cleaner workplace this Easter: Hire office cleaning service in Sheffield

By NowThen Cleaners | Mar 9, 2018

The Easter season is around the corner, celebrating the day Lord resurrected against the evil. The Easter Sunday is the culmination of a holy week and it holds the blessings of joy. A dirty workplace holds a great amount of negativity, affecting the health and work efforts of your staff negatively. Office cleaners in Sheffield…

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Get These 3 Office Installations Cleaned for Business Growth

By NowThen Cleaners | Feb 27, 2018

Health is wealth! Your employees work in your office to earn money to maintain their health. Healthy employees are happy employees and they prove to be a productive asset for your business for a very long time. They don’t work just to earn money as much as possible. You must understand this as soon as…

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