3 Easy and Hassle Free House Cleaning Hacks

House Cleaning HacksNothing can beat the happiness of finding the best house that you’ve been dreaming of having. A dream home. Yes, it’s thrilling to own one.

Moving, shifting, adapting to the new environment, mingling with the new neighbors, and exploring the new neighborhood can be all fun and games.

But that is it! The newness had to end someday and so, as time gradually passes by and as you make use of your living space, things like dirt, sludge, stains, and spills start showing their ugly faces.

When it comes to cleaning, most of us would simply shrink our nose, shake our head, and shelve the task for the next weekend. Because let’s face it – cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re not up for it, you can always avail the domestic cleaning services.

However, if that is not an option for you, whether you like it or not, you got to clean your space yourself! And the good news is – It doesn’t have to be all sorts of intimidating.

Let’s check out some easy and hassle free house cleaning hacks for you to clean your apartment:

1) Cleaning The Carpets

It’s fun to have carpets as they add a texture to your house. But with carpets all around the house, the chances of them becoming prone to spillage, increase.

Carpets can be one of the most stubborn areas when it comes to cleaning. You must be avoiding a carpet stain for so long because you’re aware that it might eat up half of your day.

But cleaning a carpet stain can come in handy with a simple cleaning hack! All you need is a spray bottle, a damp cloth, water, vinegar, and a hot iron!

Mix the water and vinegar in a spray bottle, in 2:1 proportion. Spray the mixture over the stain. Now, cover the affected area with the damp cloth and iron it for about 30 seconds. Make sure that the iron is set on the ‘steam’ settings. The stain will improve as it is steamed off.

Cleaning the carpets with this simple hack can save you a lot of money that you might spend on dry-cleaning or services by cleaners. If you don’t have the time you can hire the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

2) Bathroom Cleaning

In your process of house cleaning, bathroom cleaning can be something that everyone equally hates. But as far as hygiene is concerned, this place of the house must be squeaky-clean.

  • You can start with cleaning the bathtub and wash-basins of the bathroom and this can be done with two simple elements – grapefruit and salt.

Take the two halves of the grapefruit and pour some salt on the pulpy surfaces. Pour the salt on the bathtub too. Now, rub the pulpy surface of the grapefruit on the bathtub or wash-basin and you’re good to go!
The sludge or water stains will simply come off with the citric properties of grapefruit and the cleansing properties of salt.

You’ll get a clean, shiny, and chemical-free bathtub within few minutes.

  • The other thing that can irk anyone up is the water-stained taps. And no matter what amount of chemical, bleach, or detergent you put, the taps don’t shine the way you want them to!

But with a simple hack, you can make your bathroom or kitchen taps shine just like new. Therefore, you are advised to not to throw away the dryer sheets when they’re used. Yes! This hack involves a piece of used dryer sheets.

Take the piece and rub it on the surface of the taps. The water stains will be gone due to the texture of the dryer sheet and the surface of the bathroom taps will be buffed up. Your taps will thus get their shine back.

  • Another eye sore from your bathroom can be the sludge and crust formed on the head of your shower. To clean this stuff away from your shower head, you need a plastic bag and some distilled vinegar.

Just wrap the shower head with the plastic bag full of vinegar and leave it be for a while. The shower head will be clean, and will regain its shine!

3) Cleaning Your Beddings

At the end of a tiring day, your snuggly and cozy bed is all that you need to relax! But if your beddings are not clean, you might be inviting a lot of diseases.

Most of us don’t know the fact that beddings must be cleaned at regular intervals and that includes your comforters and mattresses too.

Your house can be cleaned with the help of cleaners but when it comes to something like beddings, you need to snap into action, yourself. Here are some very easy cleaning hacks for your beddings:

  • There is no need for you to get your comforters dry-cleaned every time. You can save a lot of your money, by cleaning your comforters at home.

Toss your comforter in the washing machine and wash with a mild detergent. Make sure that the settings of your washing machine are set for delicate clothes.

To avoid your clothes from crumpling or folding inside the machine, like your comforter, you can add another life hack to this – just throw one or two tennis balls in the washer or dryer and you can save the day.

Cleaning a mattress is something that doesn’t happen that often! In fact, we rarely even think about cleaning our mattresses. Why? Because it seems impossible to do so.

Well, the good news is – you can do it and that too very easily.

You need to fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and anything that can add scent to it. You can use a scented oil that you like. Now, take off the bed covers and spray the mixture on the mattress. Let it dry and voila! You get a clean, germ-free, and scented mattress!

So, enjoy your nap without being prone to germs.

With these 3 life-saving cleaning hacks, you can work on the most stubborn areas of your house that require a lot of your time, or money to be cleaned.

Including these three simple tricks in your house cleaning regimen can really help you in tidying your house.
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