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If you are a facilities manager at any type of industrial site, you’ll understand the care and attention these sites deserve. Within the industrial sector can be found multiple different areas that present their own challenges. The issues faced on a manufacturing site may differ to those in a warehouse, for example. It is for this reason that we wanted to take a closer look at industrial cleaning. In this week’s blog post, we’ll dive into the nuts and bolts of cleaning on industrial sites.

The details matter in industrial cleaning

We alluded to this idea above, that each site under the industrial banner presents a myriad of unique challenges. At NowThen Cleaners, part of our success when cleaning industrial sites is down to our attention to detail. Listening to the client is a crucial part of getting on top of the site. Understanding various requirements is downright essential. For example, does the site require specialist cleaning solutions? What equipment is best to use in a particular area? And how can we make our cleaner’s shifts run as smoothly as possible? These questions have led us to a multitude of satisfied clients that can attest to our thoroughness and flexibility.

Showing care in industrial cleaning

A significant aspect of achieving that all-important client happiness is our staff. In order to facilitate the best possible experience, industrial cleaners must be on top form. That’s why our dedicated and fully-trained teams are devoted to maintaining a clean and safe environment for all staff who work on industrial sites. Stakes are high on industrial sites and it can be tricky to clean the complicated machinery that comes with operating in a factory, for instance. Our cleaners will possess a thorough knowledge of your site-specific equipment and requirements before they step through the door on their first shift. Keeping your industrial site clean is incredibly important for both productivity and the safety of your staff. We also create are own risk assessments and method statements to ensure all of our cleaners are fully aware of the risks to your staff and site.

Being flexible with industrial cleaning

Industrial sites are complicated. Unlike the hospitality, education or commercial sectors, there’s a constant requirement to work around the clock in many industrial settings. In warehouses and factories, the nights can be just as busy as the days. Making sure your site is constantly clean is a priority of ours. If your site is particularly large, it’s likely that you will be using consumable products at a rapid rate. Constantly ordering hand wash, toilet roll and bin bags can eat in to your productivity time. We can take that weight off your shoulders by supplying these materials for your site. We also keep open and honest communication with our team members meaning that your supply requirements will always be at the top of our to do list. Through productive and constant communication, we can make the cleaning on your site run like clockwork.


Running an industrial site, whether it be a factory or warehouse can be a stressful job. We are here to take some of those stresses off your shoulders. We keep open lines of communication with our clients which allows us to provide a bespoke and meaningful service. Our attention to detail and dedication makes us the premier industrial cleaning company in Sheffield. At NowThen Cleaners, we always place the emphasis on our clients. For an industrial cleaning team that will provide your site with the care and attention it deserves, contact us:

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