3 Top Tips to Organize and Clean Your Kid’s Room

3 Tips to Organize and Clean Your Kid’s RoomHaving kids might turn your life upside down. One day it is all fun and games and the other day, things can be a complete headache. If you are a working mother or a homemaker, either ways it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the household work on one hand and the task of cleaning on the other.

Nonetheless, no matter how much you cringe and avoid doing it, house cleaning is a mandatory task. A clean house ensures the health of your family, especially when there are kids in the house.

To ensure that your kids live in a tidy and organized place with no dirty corners, you must start with cleaning your kid’s room.

We all know that kids love to play and have fun and so, their room can be a mess more often. Thus, cleaning a kid’s room is not a child’s play!

However, you need not worry! To make the task easier and more effective for you, we have brought some interesting and easy tips. With these, you can ensure a deep and quick cleaning of your kid’s room. Let’s have a look:

1) Start With De-cluttering

While you’re carrying out any house cleaning task, it is wise to start with de-cluttering. This is because, once things get sorted and the waste is discarded, half of the cleaning work is done.

Now, your kids might not want you to throw away their favorite comics or toys, no matter how old they are. And even you wouldn’t want to do that to them.

So, just ask them to help. This way, you can get a hand in cleaning the room faster and your kid(s) can also supervise what you’re doing with their things. If you think you need professional help in deep cleaning the room, you can get domestic cleaners to help you.

Now, take every nook and every furniture one by one.

  • Start with the closet. If you think your kid’s closet is overflowing with clothes that do not even fit them anymore, get rid of them!
  • Next, go for the other stuff like toys, stationery, beddings, books, etc. Put all the broken toys, broken crayons, waste pens or pencils, and other broken stuff in the trash can.
  • For waste or worn out bed sheets or pillows, see if you can up-cycle or recycle them. You can make rugs out of the worn out beddings. See if things can work!
  • While taking out the books, make sure you do not simply throw them out. Books can be donated to a nearby library or a charity school.

After taking everything out, you can categorize things as to what needs to be thrown away, what can be recycled, what can be sold, and what is to be donated. With this house cleaning tip, cleaning your kid’s room can be a lot easier.

2) Cleaning and Organizing the Cupboards and Closet

After you have de-cluttered the room, there is much less of the useless stuff lying around in the room. Now, you are left with just the cleaning and organizing task.

If you have not cleaned your kid’s cupboards and closet in a while, it is advised that you do that now. Take all the stuff out of the closet and cupboard, thoroughly clean it with a cleaning liquid and washcloth and then organize the stuff back inside.

Again, if you want your house’s furniture to be cleaned by the experts, you can call the professional domestic cleaners for help.

Once you are done with cleaning the closet or cupboards, you can place the clothes, books, or other stuff back in an organized manner. This way, you can again have a thorough look at the things and find if any waste is still left in the room. Thus, your de-cluttering can be double-checked!

After you have organized your kid’s stuff back in place, ask them to keep things the way they are so as to maintain the tidiness of the room.

3) Taking Care Of The Toys

From most of the house cleaning tasks for your kid’s room, this one needs extra focus.

If you have toddlers or preschoolers, chances are that they play with their toys – a lot! Kids of this age do not leave their toys alone, be it the Lego blocks or the stuffed toys.

But have you ever wondered how dirty these toys get, being exposed to dirt, dust, and the floor on a regular basis? You might not notice but your kid’s toys can be home to a great amount of germs and dirt.

Therefore, you need to clean them on a regular basis. Now, who has got the time for that, you say?

Don’t worry! You need not do that bit by bit. Here is an easy and quick tip for cleaning your kid’s toys – put them in the wash!

Yes, you read it right. You can clean your kid’s toys by washing them in your washing machine. Well, this sounds good for the stuffed toys. But for the small toys?

Washing small toys like Lego blocks in a washing machine is possible. All you need to do is put these toys in a big laundry bag and drop them in your washing machine. Wash the toys on a mild setting with hot water and mild soap. And you’re good to go!

To clean up other spaces for placing or storing your kid’s toys, you can call for professional domestic cleaners.

To finish the cleaning of your kid’s room, you should continue with the traditional dusting, moping, and thorough cleaning of the room. You need to clean walls, ceiling, curtains, carpets, rugs, etc. one by one.

Make sure you use appropriate cleaning supplies to make the room, dirt and germ-free so that your kid’s better health and hygiene are assured.

If you’re located in Sheffield, you can go for the professional Sheffield cleaning services to make your kid’s room cleaner and more organized.

So, do not wait for your kid’s room to turn into a huge mess, because soon, it can! Snap into action and bring your cleaning supplies out. Start with our easy tips and you can wind up quickly and easily. With thorough cleaning practices, ensure a cleaner and healthier environment for your kids.

And not to mention, don’t forget to look under their bed!

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