4 Handy Steps to Deep Clean and Organise Your Garage

Garage Cleaning If your car, bicycles, or motorbikes are parked outside the house, you need to take some time out and have a look inside your garage. It’s probably cluttered, overstuffed, and untidy. 

Don’t worry, we’re all in this together. For a place like a garage, we often don’t have time to keep things organised and clean as it’s often the storage area of the house. We blindly just toss things in it that don’t find a room inside our house.

However, if things are so out of hand that you don’t even have room for your car inside your garage, it’s high time that you stop ignoring it! No matter how much you hate it, you got to clean it. So, schedule a day or two for your garage cleaning and call for the professional domestic cleaners to get things done for you.

The professional cleaners work in a great tune and wrap things up quickly and more effectively when it comes to garage cleaning. But if you want to do it yourself, you can follow these amazing tips and tricks for a better garage cleaning:

1) Remove Everything

If you’ve decided to clean your garage, better do it thoroughly and deeply. First off, schedule the perfect time for your garage cleaning. You can pick a whole weekend for this task as the garage cleaning can take more than one day. If you choose the professional cleaning services to get your garage cleaned, you can pick any day as the work usually wraps up faster.

So, after you’ve picked the right time, start the work by removing everything from the garage. You can take all the stuff out in your backyard or front yard, whatever adjoins your garage.

Removing everything also counts in the shelves or other things hung on the wall. But that stuff must only be removed if you’re considering to repaint your garage. In other cases, don’t bother!

If you choose a house cleaning company to help you clean your garage, they can empty your garage safely, in no time.

2) Dust and Clean

After you’ve removed all the stuff out of your garage, it’s time to get the cleaning done. First off, you can start with dusting the whole place. Don’t forget the walls, ceiling, and corners as they might be home to a lot of dust and cobwebs.

So, keep your dusters, microfiber clothes, and rags handy for the dusting of the garage.

Use the top to bottom cleaning method for the dusting part. Start dusting the ceiling and then end with cleaning the floor. This will save you from reworking on a particular place.

After dusting, you can vacuum-clean the garage or if need arises, you can wash the whole place for better cleaning. If you choose to wash the garage, make sure that you use disinfectant liquids so as to kill the germs and bacteria.

Check for mildew or fungal growth in the garage and clean it thoroughly, if you find something.

If your garage is in such a mess that you cannot handle, you can call the professional domestic cleaners to clean it up quicker and in a better way.

3) Check For Repairs

No matter who cleans your garage, you or the professionals providing cleaning services, you must focus on one thing for sure.

While you’ve emptied and cleaned your garage, have a closer look at the walls, ceiling, corners, floor, doors, etc.

This tells you what condition your garage is in. Thus, you can easily locate any cracks, peel offs, or damages occurring in your garage.

If there is any damage and you find any area that needs repair, you can get it done before organising your stuff back inside your garage.

4) Sort. Dump. Reorganise.

Your work of cleaning the garage doesn’t get over by just cleaning the insides. The real task begins after that!

The stuff that you removed in the first step is still resting outside, waiting for you to get through it, sort it, and reorganise it inside the garage.

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The first thing that you must know here is that you don’t have to take it all back as it is. So, start with sorting the stuff. Make different piles of the stuff as per their categories like tools, toys, shoes, gardening supplies, storage bins, etc.

If your stuff is a lot cluttered and you think you cannot handle it all by yourself, you can call family for help. If that is not possible, you can avail the professional cleaning services to get your garage cleaned and organised by the professionals.

After you have categorised the stuff, you need to sort them as to what you need to keep and what you need to eliminate. There can be a lot of things that you’re not using for a long time, so, just dump them or keep them aside for a garage sale or donation.

Some of the other things might require a repair. You can keep them in a different pile of things that need a repair. The rest has to go back inside.

Deep Clean the stuff like toys with disinfectant liquids before you place them back inside.

Make sure you follow a proper storage and labelling pattern. Use different storage bins for different stuff, so as to keep them organised. Use a secure storage for storing chemicals and sharp objects so as to keep them away from kids and pets.

For the cleaning and reorganisation of your garage stuff in an excellent manner, you can use services from professional domestic cleaners. Along with doing the work effectively, they can give you some really smart tricks for cleaning and storage in your garage.

In summary

With these easy tips, you can rest assured that you will get a clean and organised garage at the end of the task.

Cleaning is all fun and games and it feels great after you’ve achieved the desired results. However, if you’re always running on a clock and don’t have much time, you can call for professionals.

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