4 Tips to a Squeaky-Clean New Rented House

To move into a new apartment is all the more exciting. The new house, new furniture, new paint, new wallpapers, and whatnot! Everything brings a new vibe to your life.

However, if it’s a rented apartment, you cannot move in just like that. To keep that newness alive and to start off all fresh, all you need to do is roll up your sleeves, bring your cleaning supplies out, and start with the home cleaning of your new house.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips that will help you clean your rented house, bit by bit to leave it squeaky-clean:

1) Floor Cleaning and Revamp

To have a clean rented house, start off with the cleaning before you move all your stuff in. This will give you more space and all the nooks of the house will be visible before things are moved in. If you’re running on a clock before you move in and there is no time for you to indulge in the thorough cleaning, you can always opt for the professional domestic cleaning services around you.

If you’re going to do it yourself, let’s start off with the floor.

First off, if you’re willing to live in the house for a longer run and don’t find the floor apt enough to reside in it, you can revamp it.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, start with scrubbing the floor off. You can use a floor cleaner to clean and polish the floor of your new house. The dirt or sludge, if any, should be cleaned off to have a squeaky-clean flooring. With a clean floor, you can ensure hygiene and for that you can also mop the floor with a disinfectant solution.

Make it a point that sterilizing your house, especially a rented house, with disinfectants should be a huge part of your home cleaning process.

While you’re moving your stuff in, you can add carpets, floor runners, mats or rugs to the floor.

2) Adding Newness To The Walls

Now, shouldn’t this be before the floor cleaning? Won’t you just make your cleaned floor dirty again?

Well, I know it should be in that sequence, but if you’ve moved to a rented house, it is evident that the previous tenants would’ve left the house clean and in a good condition. This is because of the strict end of tenancy cleaning norms being followed in Sheffield and many other cities.

So, hopefully, your walls are already clean. But clean doesn’t mean that they’re ready for your photographs and portraits to be hung on them!

Every house has a vibe and that is because of the people living in it. So, it’s you who decides on the vibe that your house reflects. And so, you get to choose how the walls of your house are going to look like.

You get the plain walls, or there may be the old paint of wallpapers on them. As per your choice, you can change the paint or the wallpaper. This will not only add a different texture to your rented house but it will also help you add a newness to it. With clean and new walls, your house will actually feel clean and will add charms to your home cleaning process.

But before you go for it, make sure that it’s permitted in your rental agreement.

3) Cleaning And Painting The Doors And Trims

They don’t seem dirty but if you have a closer look at your doors and trims, they accumulate a lot of dirt on them. So, while you’re carrying out your domestic cleaning task, don’t forget the doors and trims!

Again, if it’s permitted, you can go for a fresh paint on the doors and trims of your new house. This will not only make them clean and fresh but will also help you add the similar texture to them just as your walls. So, you can get a chance to match the theme of your house, whether its light pastel colors or dark ones.

However, if you’re not opting to get the doors and trims painted, you can go for a thorough cleaning. Make a detergent solution in a bucket and with a cotton fiber cloth, wipe your doors and trims. You can scrub a little at the stubborn areas.

After that, wipe it with a clean damp cloth. And you’re good to go! Cleaning the doors and trims is an essential part of your home cleaning as it ensures cleaner, brighter and more hygienic surroundings.

4) Cleaning The Stove And Oven

Now is the time that you head towards your kitchen and see if things are clean. In most of the cases, if the previous tenants have performed their end of tenancy cleaning, you will be welcomed by a garden-fresh kitchen.
If not, you need to get back to work again!

Peek inside the oven and see if it’s clean or not. In case you find any dirt or grease in there, you need to apply an oven cleaning liquid inside the oven. Leave it be for about 20 minutes till you do the rest of your home cleaning.

The next thing to look for in your kitchen is the stove and stove hood. These areas might be the home to a lot of grease that will be there even when your whole kitchen is cleaned. To get rid of this grease, you can use a grease cleaner. This will reduce down the excessive scrubbing and scratching that you’d have to do otherwise.

Although these are not the only areas to clean in your kitchen but the oven and stove need a special attention in your domestic cleaning task.

So, with these easy and very useful cleaning tips, you can make your newly rented house, worthy of moving in. With a systematic domestic cleaning process, you can be sure about the cleanliness and hygiene of your house.

If you’re not able to give time to the cleaning yourself and are located in Sheffield, you can opt for the Sheffield cleaning services to get your newly rented house clean.

With all these tips and an ardent cleaning schedule, you’ll get the squeaky clean house that the clean freak in you will love!

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