5 Dirtiest Areas That You Usually Ignore During Office Cleaning

The business owners and employees in an office are sometimes so engrossed in their work that they rarely get a chance to pay heed to the office cleaning. If you don’t have an outside help for the cleanliness of your office, like the professionals delivering cleaning services or regular janitorial services, you might be in a big trouble!

This is because with a regular usage and wear and tear, your office becomes home to dirt, dust, and sludge. And when all of this is left unattended, your whole surroundings turn into a huge congregation of germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements.

The germs are almost everywhere in an office space. However, there are certain areas in your office that have these germs and bacteria in a larger amount. Thus, for the right office cleaning, you need to pay special focus on these areas.

So, let’s see what’s covered under this:

1) The Keyboard

Yes, you touch it every day, every time! Yet it is said to be one of the dirtiest areas in an office. Now, if you’re at your desk, just take a look at your keyboard. Do you see that dirt stuck in between the keys? Do you see the sludge accumulated on the keys that you use less?

Well, that’s what I am talking about!

This dirt and sludge is what traps so many germs and bacteria that it give you allergies and can even make you sick. So, tell your office cleaners to pay a special heed to cleaning the keyboards.

With the help of a good cleaning liquid and a soft cloth, the top of the keyboard can be cleaned and made germ-free. Also, for cleaning between the keys, you can either use the sticky side of the sticky notes or can spray some air from a compressed air can.

This will help all the trapped dirt fall out of the keyboard, making it clean.

2) The Door Handles

You never know who touched the door knob or handle before you. Was it the janitor after they cleaned a bathroom? Was it your colleague who has a cold? Or was it someone who just had their lunch and didn’t wash their hands?

Door handles are for all and the more people touch them, the more contaminated they become.

Thus, during the task of office cleaning, the cleaners or janitors must focus on this area in the office. The door handles must be regularly cleaned, especially for the doors in the bathroom.

In case you feel like your door handles are not clean, you must wash your hands after touching them or use a hand sanitizer.

3) The Refrigerator

Your fridge that is often kept in the pantry of the office isn’t a safe and clean place either. You must have used it to keep your lunch, fruits, yogurt, or salad? Guess what? You are keeping your food in a bounty of germs.

How is that, you ask?

The office fridge is shared by all the employees of the office and not only you but almost everyone keeps their food and drinks in it. Now, there might be many chances that one of your colleagues kept their food or leftovers in the fridge and forgot about it completely.

The food decays inside the fridge, giving out foul smell and germs. Thus, the whole area inside the refrigerator gets full of germs and bacteria. So, cleaning the fridge must be a priority of your office cleaners.

You can tell your cleaners to use natural ingredients to clean the fridge so that there is no chemicals or other cleaning liquid residues left inside. This might also be harmful as food is kept inside the fridge.

4) The Carpets

Though it’s not a usual occurrence for offices to have carpets as offices are generally high-traffic areas and having carpets in these areas is not actually a good idea.

However, still there are many business owners that prefer to carpet some areas or all the surface of their office. Though it gives a great vibe and adds a texture to the office space, the carpets are prone to a great amount of dirt and dust.

The minute dust particles trapped in the carpets can act as allergens, triggering the allergies of your employees. Thus, leading to their health issues, which eventually hampers their work.

If you have carpets in your office space, make sure your office cleaning professionals clean them on a regular basis. Being prone to a lot of traffic every day, the carpets require a regular maintenance and upkeep. So, they must be vacuum-cleaned on a regular basis and any spillage or accidents must be cleaned immediately from the carpets. This will keep them clean, fresh, and bright!

5) The Toilets

This one is a no-brainer! Toilets contain the biggest amount of germs and bacteria that are the causes of so many diseases and discomfort among your employees.

If you hire professional office cleaners for your janitorial work, you can rest assured that you get clean and germ-free toilets every day! Some of the good professionals are great with their regular cleaning tasks and the usage of right equipment and cleaning aids. Thus, they make sure that the toilets and the rest of the areas in your office are disinfected, squeaky-clean, freshly-smelling, and always ready to use.

So, these are the dirtiest areas in your office that you are using every day and have no idea about the germs they carry. If the situation is worse in your case and you think that your office hasn’t been cleaned in quite a while, you can call the professionals delivering cleaning services in Sheffield, today!

These professionals are available for cleanup on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. So, you can take a pick as per your situation and budget.

Just make sure that your office is clean and no corners or areas are ignored as they can cause a lot of harm to the health and efficiency of the employees working inside the office.

A clean and hygienic office not only helps the good health of your employees but it is also great for maintaining a good repute of your business.

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