6 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Speedy House Cleaning

Quality Domestic Cleaning in SheffieldNo one likes to live in a dirty house. Living in a dirty house is similar to inviting a number of diseases, a reason why everybody focuses on cleaning their house to perfection. But cleaning a house is not a child’s play. House cleaning can easily consume all of your day and physical energy. If not done with proper care, you may also end up getting yourself exhausted.

Our article is specifically dedicated to educating readers about a few tips helpful for your home cleaning. Accurate application of these home cleaning tips can make your life a whole lot easier.

Cleaning your house can be improved by using the house cleaning hacks listed below:

  • Use Dryer sheets & Microfiber cloths
  • Keep your Tiles and Grouts Looking like new
  • Clean air vents regularly
  • Keep fruit flies away
  • Sponge clean your baseboard
  • Hire a professional house cleaner or a company

Let’s see how accurate application of the cleaning tips can make your life easy and help you save your valuable money and time.

  1. Use Dryer Sheets & Microfiber cloths:

Utilising dryer sheets and microfiber cloths can help you clean your house like never before. Accurate use of dryer sheets and microfiber cloths for cleaning your house is a fantastic way to add value to the personality of your house. Dryer sheets and microfiber cloths quickly buff water spots from bathrooms/kitchens and shower doors etc. Professional house cleaners specifically recommend the use of dryer sheets and microfiber cloths to remove ring inside the toilet and also to clean baseboards.

  1. Keep Your Tiles and Grouting Looking Like New:

Clean tiles and grouting change the look of your entire house. Your house will look clean and the whole environment and atmosphere in the house will change completely. Cleaning tiles and grouts is an integral part of house cleaning process. But How? This is the biggest question to be answered? Let’s take a look at the whole process.

  • First of all vacuum the whole floor.
  • Now get a rag and a bucket full of water and add some detergent into it.
  • Begin scrubbing.
  • Keep changing the rag and water regularly and you are no just pushing more dirt around the floor.

Tough spots can also be removed in a somewhat similar manner. Using a toothbrush to do so is not a bad idea at all. Believe it or not, your house will look beautiful beyond your imagination.

  1. Clean Air Vents Regularly:

Dirty air vents are neither good for the personality of your house nor for the health of your family members. A dirty air vent fills your home with dust.  It invites unlimited allergens in house. In addition to it, reduced air flow, cooling inefficiency and skyrocketing electricity bills also start bothering home owners. This is why professional house cleaners stress the importance of cleaning air vents regularly. Dirty air vents not only allows dust to enter your house but also blocks dirty air from going out.  Follow the soaking steps to clean it like it is new:

  • Soaking a rag with a cleaning agent present in your home
  • Wrap it around a butter knife.
  • Clean the air vents of your house with the same butter knife.
  1. Keep Fruit Flies Away:

Fruit flies are always annoying. Nobody likes their presence in their house because they spread millions of germs in the house. Fortunately, there is an easy cleaning method available to help you get rid of the germs spread in your house by fruit flies.

Follow the following cleaning advice by practised house cleaners to keep your house germ-free and clean:

  • Place two lemon halves in your oven and leave the door open.
  • Leave the lemon halves overnight.
  • In the next morning, turn your oven on for a few minutes.
  • Now you should turn the oven off and wait for it to cool.
  • Remove the lemons clean the bottom of the oven.

This will result in “No More Fruit Flies” in your house. Moreover, your house will smell great and it will remain clean for longer period of time.

  1. Sponge Clean Your Baseboard:

Cleaning your baseboard from time to time helps clean your house like it is newly bought. But most of the people don’t know the ways of cleaning baseboard. This results in increased dust spoiling the personality of your house.

Follow the steps listed below to clean your baseboard:

  • You may consider using broom or a rag for sweeping off the dust.
  • Now vacuum the whole area.
  • Remaining dust or dirt can be removed using a wet cloth or a sock

But cleaning it to perfection for adding to the beauty of your house demands little more than this.

  • Get a sponge or soft toothbrush
  • Now get a bucket full of water.
  • Add a small amount of dish detergent into the water.
  • It is high time to do the washing part.
  • Make use of damp rag for removing any leftover soap residue.

Most of the practiced house cleaning service providers advise home owners to clean their baseboards for making the cleaning task as easy as ABC!

  1. Hire a Professional House Cleaner or a Company:

If you don’t have enough time to carry out the entire home cleaning tasks on your own then you can hire a professional house cleaner or a company. In such a circumstance, this is just what the doctor ordered! Just get out of your house and you will find plenty of professional house cleaners or companies. Hiring a professional house cleaner or a company will help your house get its new look back because professional cleaners…

  • Know the best cleaning practices.
  • Are familiar with all sorts of the best cleaning products and technologies.
  • Have enough experience to exceed your requirements.
  • Are certified cleaners/ companies provide the services of certified cleaners.
  • Charges are affordable.
  • Focus on cleaning all of the areas including Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Toilets to perfection.
  • Prefer to use environment friendly cleaning practices and products in the safest manner.
  • Prefer utilizing the things that can available at your home to save your money and time for cleaning your house.

So, if you don’t have enough time how to keep your house as clean as a new one, don’t worry! Just apply these tips to perfection and your house will look clean as when you bought it.

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