6 Effective Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning SheffieldYou’re all in your high spirits because you’re soon moving to a new house! It’s a matter of exhilaration, indeed! However, if you’re leaving a rented accommodation behind you, another important thing must be on the priority list for you – the end of tenancy cleaning.

Of course, we are not trying to kill your vibes here but this is something that holds a great importance for you as well as your landlord. You want your deposits back and your landlord wants his/her house to be spick and span! So, as a responsible tenant, you must perform a thoroughgoing cleaning of the house, before you leave.

Now, the end of tenancy cleaning is something exhaustive and if you’re going to carry out the deep home cleaning yourself, think about it again!

Instead of planning out the cleaning of the house yourself, you can hire the professionals providing expert cleaning services in Sheffield. However, if you have made up your mind for carrying out the end of tenancy cleaning, yourself, we will make sure that we help!

Here are a few tips on how you can efficiently carry out your end of tenancy cleaning mission!

1) Clean After You Move Out

The end of tenancy cleaning must be carried out after you’ve moved out of the house. Sounds bizarre? Well, it’s a lot more logical.

After you’ve moved out of the house, all your stuff is gone and you can get the whole house to yourself. The hidden areas or corners are well exposed in an empty house. This helps you to carry out the in-depth home cleaning with a great ease.

Also, if you clean up before moving out, you might miss out on some areas that will be exposed later. For instance, the areas beneath your furniture stays hidden till you move the furniture out. Therefore, it’s wise to clean up your rented house after you’ve moved your stuff out!

2) Start From The Top

After you’ve moved your stuff out, the end of tenancy cleaning becomes a lot more convenient. To start off, you can begin de-cobwebbing your walls, store areas, ceiling, etc. This can be done by getting on a step ladder and using a broom or duster to get rid of the cobwebs.

Another thing, after you’re done with de-cobwebbing, can be the dusting and cleaning of the fans, air conditioners, and lightening fixtures.

So, basically, you need to get it done with the things on top first before you get down from your step ladder!

3) Go For The Windows

The next thing in the list is the cleaning up of windows. When it comes to window cleaning, one can opt for the professional window cleaning services.

However, if you’re cleaning yourself, make sure that you clean the windows methodically. This includes a deep cleaning of the window glass, window panels, window coverings, blinds, and curtains.

You must go for the laundry of the curtains and vacuum-clean the blinds.

If you’re not up for window cleaning and are stuck with the other cleaning chores, you can hire the professional cleaning services for this part of the house only.

There are a number of professionals that provide window cleaning services to make your end of tenancy cleaning an easy and fast process.

4) Staircase And Corridors

The staircase is generally used and cleaned on a regular basis. However, a great amount of dirt might gather in the hidden corners. Also, the railing alongside your staircase must not be overlooked.

The cleaning of your staircase must be an essential part of your home cleaning. If you’ve used a carpet or vinyl tile flooring on the stairs, you can get them replaced or deep cleaned.

Along with cleaning the staircase, the corridors must also be paid a great heed to. The staircase and the corridors are usually used the most. Therefore, these areas need some thoughtful cleaning.

The cleaning of this area of the house might not be an easy thing to do. You can always opt for the professional cleaning services to get things done by the experts in no time.

5) Bathrooms and Kitchen

It goes without saying, these two areas are that part of the house that need continuous cleaning and upkeep.

However, besides following a cleaning regimen for your bathrooms and kitchen, you might need to spring clean both these areas before you move out of your rented apartment. Consider it as a huge part of your end of tenancy cleaning.

Before you leave the house, make sure that you’re leaving all the bathroom and kitchen fixtures in a good condition. Make sure that the bathroom floor and tiles are squeaky-clean. If not, you can use chemical cleaners, vinegar, etc. to scrub the sludge off the tiles and floor.

The taps, shower heads, bathtubs, wash basins, etc. should also be cleaned to ensure good hygiene.

When it comes to kitchen, you need to take care about the countertops, oven, and kitchen cabinets. All of these areas of the kitchen must be deep cleaned to get rid of any grease or dirt accumulated over the time.

You can avail the professional oven cleaning services for thoroughly cleaning up the oven of your kitchen.

6) The Exterior

The end of tenancy cleaning is incomplete without the cleaning up and restoration of the exterior of your house to how it was when you moved in.

If the house has a garden at the exteriors of it, make sure that you get it cleaned and maintained before you go. The front yards or backyards must also be cleaned and restored to their previous order.

Also, in case the house has a lawn or garden, you must get the grass mowed and plants trimmed. Again, the professional services can be availed for such kind of cleaning, as well.

To sum it up, the end of tenancy cleaning Sheffield is a whole lot of unnerving task. If you’ve got all the needed patience and time, you can opt for getting it done by yourself.

However, to save yourself from investing so many efforts and time in the task, you can opt for the professional cleaning services.

The professionals take the cleaning task bit by bit and work in teams. Thus, the cleaning task is completed within no time!

Before you blink an eye, you’re done with your end of tenancy cleaning with professionals and you can head to your landlord for releasing your deposits!

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