Cleaning the Corners and Spaces of The House That You’ve Been Avoiding

Cleaning products for cleanersWhile house cleaning, there are often a number of spaces that we avoid, EVERY TIME!

These are the spaces that are either hidden or tight and thus, they are somewhat hard to reach. Or, you just feel lazy to take the time out to clean them! Well, we’ve all been there.

However, the spaces require cleaning once in a while, for instance, during your spring cleaning task or the festive season cleaning.

So, finally, the time comes when you’ll have to clean these spaces, no matter what!

If you’ve reached such point of time and you still hate to reach those spots, you can seek help from the professionals delivering domestic cleaning services in your area. And if you’ve decided on doing it yourself, here are a few tricks that will help you, greatly!

1) The Walls and Ceiling

The places that are hard to reach and need a special time and effort to be cleaned, usually get ignored and that’s what happens with your walls and ceiling.

You might not notice it often but your walls catch a great amount of dust on a regular basis and with time, the accumulation of this dust makes your walls look dull and dusty.

If you use wallpapers and they’re old enough to be replaced – replace them! This will automatically bring the newness of the walls back.

However, in the other case, you can get them cleaned from professionals or clean them yourself. Using the services of professional home cleaners can be your best call to get the work done quickly and effectively.

To carry out the cleaning on your own, you can start with vacuum cleaning your walls, ceilings, and corners. Through vacuum cleaning, you can get rid of the accumulated dust and cobwebs present around your rooms.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to clean your ceiling fans as these are one of the most ignored parts of the house that accumulate dust.

If your painted walls have stains like that of crayons, oil, or spills, you can use the cleaning pads or wall erasers to have fresh and clean walls.

Besides this, if you have too many walls to be cleaned and too less time, you can always call for the professional house cleaning services.

2) Your WorkstationMake sure to Clean your workstation

If you have a home office or study room, you must be owning that workstation where you spend a lot of your time. With working, we often do a lot around our desk like eating, drinking, etc.

All of this often calls for food crumbs, spillage, water rim marks, etc. on the desk. You must be cleaning your desk on a regular basis but at times, you require the thorough clean up.

For a deep cleaning of your room and workstation, you can call for the professional home cleaners.

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If you’re doing it yourself, you can use the following steps to make your workstation squeaky-clean:

  • Clean your computer screen with a cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth. Turn over your keyboard and tap its back to remove the crumbs, debris, and dust that may have gotten inside the keys and cracks. Now, take a sticky note and run it between the tracks and your keys using the sticky side. This will help you get rid of the accumulated dust around your keys.
  • Take out all your pens, pencils, and other stuff from your pen holder or desk organizer. There may be dust accumulated at the bottom of it. Clean the dust off with a soft cloth and also clean the pens, pencils, etc. with a damp cloth before organizing them back again.
  • You might not notice but gradually, with a continuous use, your workstation chair might get all sorts of dirty and dull. Clean you chair with the right cleaning liquid and a clean cloth. You can call the professionals delivering domestic cleaning services to get your chair and all the other home furniture cleaned and polished.

3) Air Vents and Blinds

These are the hardest spaces to reach when it comes to cleaning. This is why the tight air vents and blinds are often ignored. But with a regular exposure and accumulation of dust, the air vents and blinds might prove out to be harmful for your health as they lead to dusty air around you.

Cleaning the air vent filters from the outside and the blinds is a part of the professional domestic cleaning services that you can utilize for your house.

To do it yourself, you can follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • To clean the tight blinds, you can use tongs and wrap and secure microfiber clothes on both its ends. Now, hold the blind strand with the tongs and pull along the way. Your blinds will be easily reachable and it will be quite handy to clean.
  • For cleaning the air vents in your house, you can use a spatula or a butter knife, wrap a damp cloth around it, and reach the slits of your air vent filter. This will help you clean the accumulated dust on your air vent and they will be easily cleaned. You can use a cleaning liquid for a better and disinfectant cleaning.

If things are dirty beyond a limit and demand a great amount of your time for the cleaning, you can use the services from professional home cleaners.

4) Behind and Beneath The Furniture

Your furniture is often fixated at one place. You might clean your house thoroughly every day but the spaces behind and beneath your furniture are often left ignored and untouched.

This allows the dust to accumulate and set in these areas. With time, these areas can be home to very minute dust that can cause allergies. So, to get them cleaned, you can seek help from the professionals delivering domestic cleaning services in your region.

If you’re not allergic to such kind of dust, you can simply carry out the cleaning task on your own. For this, move the furniture and start with vacuum cleaning to first get rid of the dust. After this, you can go for mopping the floor with a disinfectant cleaner so as to get rid of the minute dust particles and germs.

With these easy tips and tricks, you can carry out the cleaning tasks for things and areas that you’ve been avoiding for a long time now. So, brace yourself, this has to happen and to do it, you need to snap into action!

If you’re still not willing or are running on the clock, you can use the house cleaning services provided by professionals to get your whole cleaned deeply!

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