Why ‘cleanliness is paramount’ should be your mantra to keep your workplace clean

“Cleanliness is paramount”, rightly said!

As the workplace is the home of an employee for five days of the week, it becomes a priority to keep it clean. Did you know that if an employee eats at the work table and if it remains uncleaned for long, it can probably hold 300 times more germs than the toilet?

It means an open invitation to the disease-causing germs, which can have a negative effect on the health and productivity of the employees.

Any sort of mess and dirt is a heaven for the sickness-causing virus and bacteria. You may not even have an idea that how dirt can lurk in much of your office space, as it is unseen and ignored.

Accumulated dirt can even cause respiratory problems and difficulty in breathing, which is one the negative effects on your employees’ health. Even the cats spend about a third of their official hours to clean themselves because even for them – cleanliness is paramount.

If you want to have a good fortune, you should have reliable and responsible Sheffield cleaning services staffed for your workplace. But sadly, most of the businesses never realize its importance and it causes an economic loss valued to billions of pounds annually due to staff sickness and medical leaves.

Why Seek Office Cleaning Services?

According to a survey, people working in an office are tend to perform 85% more efficiently if their workplace is kept clean and hygienic. They feel more comfortable to work on a clean and radiant office table.

Office cleaning in Sheffield also ensures to kill the spreading of the disease-causing bacteria by eliminating their breeding grounds. A single bacteria can multiply to over 8 million additional cells within a span of 24 hours and that means your computer keyboards, office desks, lunch-room space, and the door handles are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that can lead to skin problems and depleted energy levels.

If you notice any signs of laziness, procrastination, and increasing rate of leaves in your staff then without any hesitation know it’s the right time. Time to hire the best cleaners in Sheffield, who will ensure to clean every single nook and corner of your office by using cutting-edge techniques and products of high quality.

Wait, but is it just about the tables and doorknobs? You can clean them yourself too but the use of the right products is also necessary to avoid damage to the furniture and its components.

But did you know that the water dispenser in your office is as unsafe as other parts of office? A research demonstrates that about a quarter of all the water dispenser buttons also pose a serious threat such as illness transmission.

So, if an employee sneezes and covers his nose with his hands and then presses the button of water dispenser with the same hands uncleaned. Chances are high that the next employee to fill his glass of water will also take some accompanying bacteria of cold.

It becomes really necessary to keep every single component of your office clean, which can be the most difficult task to manage. Cleaners in Sheffield are at your service to keep your office germ-free and keep the performance of the employees upraised.

Although many offices no longer have the trend to keep a carpet around, if you have one garnishing your floor, ensure to have it regularly vacuumed by professional office cleaners. This is because it acts as a storehouse for hair and skin cells, food crumbs, and bugs.

Also, the entry of employees with soiled soles of shoes can leave tracks of dirt from the outdoors.
The office phones that your employees leave on the table may look clean, but traces of fecal matter such as human excreta have been found swabbed within office phones by scientists.

E. coli, the bacteria which is fecal in origin, can survive on office surfaces and hands for hours if not cleaned.

Some Facts about an Unclean Office

  • Now, we will share some facts not to scare you, but to make you aware the risks that unhygienic habits can pose for your office environment:
  • The area of the work desk where your employees rest their hands acts as a host for up to 12,000 bacteria at a time.
  • A computer system never exists without a keyboard, which can be home to about 70% more bacteria than an average maintained toilet seat.
  • Microbes and germs live inside the refrigerator also on its handles.
  • Even the sink at your office kitchen is the home to Staphylococcus Aureus, which causes skin swelling, painful rashes, and blood poisoning.
  • The dirt cloth or sponge you use for cleaning and dusting is the hot bed of infection. The moisture in it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • CPU power button and the buttons of mouse are among the most contaminated objects with levels of bacteria between 3 to 12 times higher than what’s accepted from hospitals.
  • Nails and the finger tips are the most contaminated body parts.
  • 30% of the employees in an office say that they only use water to clean their hands, ignoring the use of soap.
  • 80% of infections spread via contact with contaminated surfaces not sneezing and coughing.
  • 70% of microbe’s transmission is from microwave door handles.

These facts may sound creepy and disgusted feeling may arise while reading them, but they’re true!

The gateway to maintain a healthy and productive staff is by ensuring cleanliness of your office. Before your employees ask for a hazmat suit for coming to office, prevention is always better than cure. Among the easiest ways to avoid sickness and infection to enter your office is to get it cleaned up regularly. So, hire the best office cleaners in Sheffield and see things change!

You can be free of any worries, the best Sheffield cleaning services – NowThenCleaners proven themselves as the experts and professional cleaners in Sheffield. As cleaning the whole office on your own is a hefty task, contact us today to maintain the level of cleanliness. Help your employees to stay productive and healthy for your business because ‘cleanliness is paramount’.

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