Facts You Should Know For an Effective Office Cleaning in Sheffield

Cleaning your office can feel like a troublesome job when you have to work and take care of the
cleanliness of the workplace by yourself. You can always hire office cleaners in Sheffield to take care of the hygiene because that gives you enough time to focus on your business.

Things get better and you can always save some time when they’re well managed. Time management is the best way to sort your stuff out and make things easy amidst your schedule.
Now, for things to work out well, you need to know about the specific areas in your office that require most of your attention when you’re cleaning.

Office cleaning in Sheffield can get easier by hiring professionals who help you in making your office neat and clean. The best approach is to sort out this troublesome task by setting up a bespoke cleaning schedule for your office.

Before everything, you should know that if you’re ignoring the cleanliness of your office, you
are inviting a range of threats for your employees. Threats that can actually create burdens on
your head by hitting the productivity of the employees and drown your ship of profits.

Let’s take a look at some facts regarding office cleanliness brought to you by quality cleaning
services in Sheffield –

  •  Water is a necessity of life but when you are drinking water from an office dispenser, it
    becomes a threat. The threat lives on your hands whenever you touch the buttons of
    the dispenser. Water dispenser can make your employees sick while they’re playing
    with the buttons to fetch some water. Around 25% of water dispensers are considered
    to impose as a serious risk for transmission of threatening illnesses.
  •  The desk on which you spend most of the day and your favourite place to have lunch
    have been found to be a residence for bacteria. Every time you place your hands on the
    desk, you’re making a contact with a contaminated surface. When the germs spread,
    they also carry diseases, which can make your employees ill and give a blow to their
    productivity. The average office desks used by your employees are proven to be 400
    times dirtier than a toilet seat.
  •  You might think that the surfaces of your office get clean when you simply wipe off the
    dirt with a wet cloth. Well, the job isn’t complete yet! Such surfaces are required to be
    disinfected with quality cleaning products like the ones used by office cleaners in
    Sheffield. You may not believe but it is true – Bacteria count can increase up to 31%
    each day on the surfaces that aren’t cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  •  Every time an office phone is touched by an employee to receive a call, they are making
    contact with a threatening surface, which can contaminate the hands and transmit
    diseases. Sounds impossible because your telephone is clean but you might want to
    reconsider after reading this fact! Office telephones contain almost 25000 germs per
    square inch. I hope you can measure the total length of your telephone and realize that
    the population of the threat is huge.
  •  You visit a washroom and after relieving yourself, you make sure to wash your hands
    with a disinfectant hand-wash to get rid of the bacteria and germs. But wait! You
    ignored something while washing your hands, you touched the tap handle and didn’t
    clean it. Oh, and again touched it with your clean hands to turn it off, getting the germs
    on your hands again. It is important for you to understand the need to get your
    washroom tap handles cleansed by hiring office cleaners in Sheffield. Around 75% of
    washroom tap handles pose a serious threat for spreading illness whenever they’re

While remaining unnoticed, such a huge amount of threats lurk around in your dirty office.
Bacteria and germs are microscopic organisms living in colonies, which have a population of
millions and billions. A single bacteria is not a problem but a colony is a threat and when it lives
right on the surfaces you work and spend most of your time, you and your employees work
with trouble around.

If you don’t have enough time to manage the cleaning chores and want more time to focus on
your productivity, employ the experts for quality cleaning services in Sheffield.

NowThen Cleaners offer trained staff at your service for getting your office clean and
eliminating all sorts of bacteria and threats from your office.

Schedule a service, call us today, and make your office a healthy place for work!

Summary: NowThen Cleaners, offer quality cleaning services in Sheffield and understand the
importance of your employees and work quality. Hire office cleaners in Sheffield, today!

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