Get cleaner workplace this Easter: Hire office cleaning service in Sheffield

The Easter season is around the corner, celebrating the day Lord resurrected against the evil. The Easter Sunday is the culmination of a holy week and it holds the blessings of joy.

A dirty workplace holds a great amount of negativity, affecting the health and work efforts of your staff negatively. Office cleaners in Sheffield hold the ultimate powers in the form of their cleaning services, which can resurrect and make your office environment look alive again. With the help of our services, we will fill your Easter basket full of joy, happiness, and peace within affordable cleaning services prices in Sheffield.

Easter season is significantly meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and a new life. A workplace covered with dust and shelter to germs is equivalent to a dead atmosphere so we help you put a new life to your office.

The dirt snorted by your staff at your office and the germs that reside on their table tops are a curse to their health! Office cleaning in Sheffield becomes necessary to get rid of this curse and turn your workforce into a more productive one. But you should know why the dirt and grime in your office is a curse!

  1. Dust is a pollutant, generated by various sources and activities. A pollutant is a substance that puts a negative effect on your health.
  2. The man-made dust that is common in urban areas is the one that pollutes your office atmosphere and floats in your air.
  3. Dust particles are mostly invisible i.e. they are difficult to be detected with a naked eye. The smaller the particle the more harmful it is for your respiratory system.
  4. Dust particles, when accumulate, form dust layers which you can notice on your office furniture and motor vehicles.
  5. The small dust particles, when penetrating into lungs can be absorbed directly into your nervous system which further causes neurological disorders.
  6. Usually, it depends on the type and size of a dust particle that how toxic the dust is. The negative effects on your health are determined by the size and amount of the dust and how long an employee gets exposed to it.
  7. Dust particles, when inhaled, usually cause irritation and infection of the eyes, coughing, lung disorders, and asthma attacks.
  8. For those who are already affected by health problems such as asthma or emphysema, even a small concentration of dust inhaled will make their symptoms worse.
  9. Breathing in such a high concentration of dust over a long time reduces long functioning and leads to chronic bronchitis and lung disorders leading to long medical leaves or leaving the duty.
  10. The longer one is exposed to such level of specks of dusts, the greater is the chance of developing long-term health problems.

So, it becomes necessary for you to get rid of the harmful dirt and scum that lies in your office for which you can avail the services of office cleaners in Sheffield.

The long hours of work are stressful while doing work within the targeted deadlines set by the client. Sedentary nature of your office job is sucking the life out of you with the ‘curses’ it is holding. It’s not just about the stress-eaten food, sneezing coworkers, and tight deadlines that are pushing your health. Even the keyboard keys you are pressing are cursing your health!

From your supervisor to the printer you lay your hands on, the range of the dangers in your office is wide enough. It directly affects the physical well-being and mental health of your employees. Need reasons for pushing away the curse by hiring office cleaning Sheffield? Just keep following this article:

  • The toxic air is clogging your lungs.

Often referred as “sick building syndrome” by the medical experts, the air quality inside your office can be up to 100 times dirtier than outside, exposing you to a variety of unhealthy gases and chemicals. Such pollutants are in the air conditioning with dangerous bacteria and mold all flying all around, especially the offices, which aren’t taken care of.

  • Your typing weapon – Keyboards are as dangerous as fecal bacteria!

Keyboards are the reproduction ground for bacteria if not cleansed. Expert Microbiologists found that keyboards hold up to five times as many bacteria as a bathroom. These bacteria include species of fecal bacteria, which can be harmful to your health – associated with food poisoning along with a range of infections.

  • Germs are watching you everywhere in your office.

The keyboard keys you are pressing aren’t the only breeding farm for bacteria! The office microwave, printer buttons you press, and the elevator switches etc. are hot spots for bacteria. Microbes are everywhere waiting for you to lay your hands on them and they can even kill you!

  • You are signing your sickness warrant while chewing your pens.

Nervousness often leads to developing a habit of chewing the pens. The pen you love to chew has been touching germy hands all day long – perhaps not even your own hands. Bacteria and all the harmful germs are transmitted to your mouth. 3 in 5 office workers have been admitted to chewing on their pens!

  • The water cooler isn’t so cool!

Your water dispenser holds about 2.7 million germs per square inch on an average, according to the Public Health Organization. It is a magnet for gathering all the harmful bacteria. So, better think before sneaking away from your desk and catching the office politics with an excuse to get water. Better ditch a dirty water dispenser and get a bowl filled with warm water and sliced lemon overnight for a fresh glass of water!

Getting rid of so many problems before the approaching Easter weekend is impossible! But wait, there is a remedy to get rid of dirt and germs instantly – office cleaners in Sheffield, providing best in class services at affordable prices.

Connect with NowThenCleaners today! The best office cleaners in Sheffield will help you in making this Easter weekend blessed with cleanliness for your employees. Schedule a service call now and know more about cleaning services prices in Sheffield.

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