Home Cleaning Tips: A Perfect Cleaning Guide before Moving In a New House

Moving into a new house can be all thrilling and daunting altogether! There is a lot to do, pack, and move. Everything needs to be taken care of, well in advance.

When you reach your new house, the first thing to do is to clean the house before you unpack your stuff and set your furniture in the rooms.

As much as you would hate to do it after all the packing, moving, and travelling, it is one of the most important things to do. And that is especially if you’re moving in an old house. Though it’s the responsibility of the previous tenants and the landlord to provide you with a neat and clean house, you still need to play your part, because, why take a chance?

If you think that you cannot perform the cleaning of the whole house on your own, you can call for professional home cleaners to get the work done.

In another case, below are the tips to get the work done if you plan on doing it on your own. So, let’s explore:

1) Cleaning The Walls and The Floor: The Top To Bottom Cleanup

According to the professionals delivering domestic cleaning services, house cleaning can be carried out in the best way if you start from top to bottom. In simple words, if you start with cleaning the floor first and then clean the walls, you would probably have to clean the floor again.

So, it’s better to start cleaning from the top so as to avoid working twice on one area.

  • Start by dusting and vacuum-cleaning the walls. If you have taken long to move to your new house, it must have gathered dust during this time. Also, if you want to redo your paint or wallpaper, then too, you need to clean your walls thoroughly. So, dusting the walls and ceiling corners is a great way to start. Even the professional home cleaners suggest the same. While you’re cleaning, you can look for cobwebs or any cracks in the walls.
  • After you’re done dusting the walls and ceiling, it’s time for you to clean the floor. It’s feasible and better to clean the floor after you have cleaned your walls and all the other areas of the house. This is because all the dust gathers on the floor and with a final cleanup of the floor, you can finally get rid of it. Thus, your house will be all clean!

2) Tell Your Family To Help: Divide The Rooms and Areas

Cleaning a whole house is quite a daunting task. This is surely not a one person’s job because if you take it all on your own, you are going to take a lot of time!

If you want to move into your new house as fast as you can, you need to speed up your cleaning task. And for this, you need help! For professional help, you can call professional home cleaners.

However, if it doesn’t work for you that way, you need to bring your family into action. Assign a task or a room to each family member to get things done. For instance, you can tell your husband and one of your children to clean the kitchen. The other ones can work on the living area while you do the bathrooms. Then, after one area is done, you all can move to different other areas.

This way, things can be done way faster than you can even think of.

3) Check the Appliances and Clean Them

If the new house that you’re moving in, already has installed electronic appliances like refrigerator, microwave oven, etc. You need to check them thoroughly if they are clean or not.

In case there is a need to clean them, you can use a solution of water and soap to give them a good cleanup. Make sure that you unplug the appliances before cleaning them with soap and water.

For an effective cleanup of the kitchen and other areas of the house, you can call the professional cleaners delivering domestic cleaning services.

  4) Clean The Cabinets and Other Furniture

If you’re moving in an old house, it is bound to have some of the furniture and cabinets in the living area, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.

Now, as other people may have lived before you, you cannot blindly trust on the cleanliness of these things. To make sure that you move into a perfectly clean house, you need to work on these areas.

If you have a budget for professionals, the home cleaners can help you with this cleaning chore. But if you’re doing it on your own, you need to take an extra care.

The cabinets are generally fixed at a height, so be very careful while cleaning them. You can use a safe step ladder to comfortably clean the cabinets and reach even the parts at the top.

For furniture, you can use a solution of a mild soap and water. Use a soft rag to clean up the furniture with the solution. Wipe off the soap later with a clean damp cloth.

Make sure you don’t use excess of water on wooden furniture as it may destroy the wood. You can also use other cleaning ingredients like vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or other suitable cleaners in case you have leather furniture.

5) Take A Tour

Even after you’re done cleaning the whole house, you must take a tour of the whole house. This is to make sure that nothing is left behind and that you’ve touched every corner of the house.

Start by checking the bathrooms, then the other rooms in the house. Make sure to look into the drawers and cabinets and see if there is anything there. Pay a close attention to the nooks, corners, basement, and storage spaces to make sure everything is clean.

With these tips, you can rest assured that you and your family will move into a very new, clean, and hygienic house. In case you think you don’t have a time for all of these tasks, you can always call the home cleaners for help!

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