House Cleaning Checklist: For A Quick and Thorough Cleanup

The task of house cleaning might draw forth a whole lot of cringes, cold sighs, and grunts. But no matter how much you hate it, you’re bound to do it and this especially goes for the moms. Whether you’re a homemaker or a working mom, it kind of becomes a duty for you to keep the house clean, tidy, and intact.

However, if you’re a super busy mom who doesn’t get much free time on her hands, the services of a competent house cleaning company is the only best option for you. They save your valuable time and make sure you have to put minimum efforts to keep the house clean.

If hiring the professional cleaners isn’t your cup of tea, you can always take control of the things on your own. Here is a checklist of cleaning tasks that will help you clean your house fast and thoroughly, every day:

1) Clean The Kitchen, The Night Before

Make sure that you clean your kitchen, the night before. After the dinner as you do the dishes, you can take a damp rag and give a quick clean to the countertops, stove, and oven. Make sure that any spillage is cleaned immediately as once it sets, it gets tough to clean it. You can also place the jars, containers, and ingredients at their appropriate place so they don’t scatter around in the kitchen.

According to the professional domestic cleaners, regular kitchen cleaning saves you from dealing with all the sludge, grime, and grease that usually accumulates and gets stubborn with time.

So, clean your kitchen every night before you go to bed. This will not only keep your kitchen fresh and clean but will also make your morning chores fast and convenient. Plus, getting into a clean and fresh kitchen in the morning boosts your mood.

If your kitchen needs a deep cleaning and you’re too busy to devote any time for it, you can hire professional cleaners at affordable house cleaning prices.

2) Make The Beds Just After You Wake Up

The best time to make up your bed is right after you leave it. As soon as you wake up and leave your bed, you can give the covers a quick shake, straighten the covers and sheets, and fluff the pillows. And you’re done!

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for each bed.

You can do your kids’ beds as well, after they leave them. If your kids are grown enough to handle the chores on their own, you can ask them to follow the same pattern as it will really help you keep your rooms tidy and clean.

The expert domestic cleaners suggest that a clean bed is pretty much everything you need to keep your bedrooms looking fresh and clean (provided there is no scattered stuff or mess).

Making your bed in the morning, right after you waking-up saves you from stress cuts down on your list of cleaning tasks. The plus to this habit is that you get to come to a clean room with a neat bed after you’re back home.

You can hire a house cleaning company if you think your bedroom furniture, flooring, and other corners need a deep and thorough cleanup once.

3) Clean The Bathrooms After The Shower

Most of bathroom mess is created from the water, especially when it stays on for a long time. Be it on the floor, walls, mirrors, glasses, or shower curtains, water can be the biggest cause of sludge, grime, and a lot of bacteria in your bathroom.

The situation can be much better if you don’t let the water stay on your floors or other areas. Now, this might seem like a whole daunting task but it just requires a few of your minutes.

Just give a quick wipe and cleaning to your floor, mirrors, and shower curtains after you take a shower. The floor can be cleaned with the help of a floor wiper. As for the glasses or mirrors, you can use a squeegee to get rid of the water droplets that dry later to leave white spots.

If you think your bathroom has not been cleaned for a long time and needs deep cleaning, you can devote a day or two to get it thoroughly cleaned. Or you can simply hire professionals from the best house cleaning company around you.

4) Clean The Living Area Before Leaving The House

The living area is that part of the house that witnesses the most traffic. Thus, it is inevitable that while everyone is getting ready for work or school, this part of your house is one of the busiest ones.

Keep the task of cleaning the living room just a few minutes before you’re leaving the house. This task can be assigned to a person in the house who leaves the house last. So, before leaving, you can give a quick cleanup to the living room, tidying it and clearing up the mess.

To make the task quicker, you can install hampers or baskets in your living area where you can toss the scattered toys and other stuff left by the kids or other family members. Later, when you come back in the evening, things can be placed back to their own spots. Thus, you can quickly clear up the living area before leaving the house, with a great ease.

If there is more to just the temporary mess in your living room and other areas of the house, you can avail services delivered by the professional cleaners at reasonable house cleaning prices. The experts can get things done in a very less time and more effectively.

With this small checklist, you can give a fast and thorough cleanup to your house every day! So, buckle up and be the super mom that you always pictured yourself as. And the plus is, you just have to commit just a little for the best home cleaning results!

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