House Cleaning Tips: Organizing and Deep-Cleaning Kids’ Room

Cleaning the house can be a daunting task and a constant headache when you have kids! No matter how much you clean, you have to do it over and over again as kids won’t stop moving around and scattering stuff!

With a lot of patience and calm, you need the right technique to wrap up the cleaning task in a lesser time, too! Because let’s face it – you cannot keep cleaning all day!

If you’re a working woman, looking forward to clean your house for the festive season, especially your kids’ room, you can hire professionals delivering house cleaning services.

However, if you’re a full-time home maker who loves to take the ship by the wheel, here are a few tips for you to clean your kids’ room. So, come, let’s see what we have in store for you:

1) Start With The Clothes

You must be cleaning your kids’ cupboards on a regular basis. However, when it comes to spring-cleaning the room of your kids, you need to conduct a thorough inspection for the same!

Look around the whole house and see if there are any clothes lying loosely around the room, in the cupboards, on the hangers, or behind the doors. Grab them all in one place, toss the dirty ones in a hamper, and place the clean ones in an organised manner.

You can sort the clothes in a manner so that it is easy for your kids to locate them in the drawers and cupboards.

If you require a cleanup of the cupboards and other furniture in your kids’ room or the rest of the rooms, you can call domestic cleaners for help. The professionals, with the right supplies, get the work done in a very less time and all the more effectively.

2) Organise and Clean The Toys

Clothes take a whole lot of space in a room, especially when it comes to kids because they rarely fold and manage their laundry. Thus, when you’re done with the clothes, you’re left with quite less clutter in the room.

This clutter is majorly composed of the toys! Now, if you’re a mother of toddlers or preschoolers, you’re likely to come across the toys almost everywhere in the house.

Thus, managing them gets even tougher.

To save you from this pain, you can start with installing small baskets or hampers around in the living area and in your kids’ room for collecting scattered toys. This way, wherever they are playing, you can easily clean up by tossing the toys in the hampers. After that, you can easily place and organise them in their room whenever you get time.

The professional cleaners suggest that you can also clean the toys by:

  • Washing stuffed toys and other small toys like Lego bricks etc. in the wash
  • Cleaning big toys with a disinfectant cleaning liquid and a soft cloth
  • Boiling toys like soothers or pacifiers etc.


To wash the small toys in the wash, all you need to do is put them all in a huge pillow case and then wash them on mild settings in the washing machine. And voila! You’re done!

If things are a lot to take, you can seek house cleaning services delivered by the learned professionals for help in cleaning.

3) Clean The Bedding

The cupboards are organised and clean and the toys are in their place. Now, you have another thing in your list – the bedding!

No matter how often you or your kids make their bed, the bedding needs a thorough cleanse once in a while. Now that you’re up for spring-cleaning your kids’ room, you can take this time to clean up the bedding in their room.

To start with, you can change the bedsheets or bed covers of your kid’s bed. According to the professional domestic cleaners, nothing makes a room look cleaner than a fresh bedsheet.

As for the mattresses, you can use a mixture of rubbing alcohol and essential oils to give a thorough cleanse to their mattresses. This will help you get rid of all the germs and bacteria, if any, trapped inside the mattresses.

You can also choose to sun-dry the mattresses so that they are disinfected and germ-free.

4) Dust and Clean The Furniture

Clean and organise the study desk of your kids and keep things in place. Take a soft clean rag and dust all the furniture present in the room. This includes the study table, chairs, cupboards, shelves, etc.

Make sure you give a thorough cleanse to the whole furniture kept in the room. If you think that the furniture needs a deep cleaning, you can use cleaning liquids, or kitchen ingredients like vinegar etc. They can help you get rid of spots and stains on the furniture.

For a more effective cleanup of the furniture, you can call professionals delivering house cleaning services.

5) Clean the Floor

The floor in your kids’ room needs to be clean and germ-free almost all the time. This is because kids usually like to play while sitting on the floor.

Make sure you clean the floor on a regular basis. If the floor has a carpet, you can vacuum-clean the floor regularly, else you can mop the surface.

While you’re mopping, you can use a mixture of water and a disinfectant liquid to mop the floor. This will help you make the whole room fresh, germ-free, and freshly smelling.

For a deep and hassle-free cleanup of the floor of your kids’ room and other areas as well, you can hire professional domestic cleaners.

The experts work throughout the house, providing the best cleaning services within a very less time.

To get things done faster when you’re carrying out the cleaning on your own, you can ask our kids to help. This way, they will learn to keep their room clean and organised and will also keep things intact in the future.

So, bring out your cleaning supplies, brace yourself, and start with cleaning your kids’ room! And don’t forget to watch out for those scattered Lego bricks!


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