How can a doctor benefit from house cleaning?

Improve your day-to-day

The 35,000+ doctors work extremely hard on a daily basis to help and heal everyone in the Sheffield community. Back-to-back appointments and long hours can leave you with very little time to get the cleaning done at home. In this week’s blog post, we’ll explore the ways your day-to-day life can be improved by our house cleaning services. At NowThen Cleaners we staff the best and most efficient cleaners to make your time at home that much better. Here’s how:

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Unlock your spare time with house cleaning

You know this feeling: coming home from a long day and thinking about the preparation to be done for tomorrow. The last thing on your mind is cleaning. But you still need to wipe down the sides, hoover the carpet and clean the bathroom. Prioritise what matters most, whether that be preparing for work the next day, or spending some well-earned family time. Our services are available from 09:30am to 14:30pm so we’ll be done in time for when you get home!

To unlock your spare time, just head over to our website and follow the steps, instantly freeing up your evenings. Let us know if there’s something specific you need our team to do by speaking to our friendly office staff, we’ll provide a service that suits you. If you are a doctors in Sheffield and need more free time, you know exactly where to look. Let us take some weight off your shoulders with our professional house cleaning teams.

Healthy house, healthy you

As a doctor you’ll be aware of how important cleaning is to fight off germs and create a healthy home. Regular house cleaning on a regular basis can keep your home healthy and free of any nasty germs. If you work long hours and can't do the cleaning, you’ll struggle to stop the build-up of bacteria. Keeping your home clean reduces the probability of sick days, meaning that you’ll be free to work everyday. Doctors provide an essential service in local communities all over Sheffield. We want to allow you to continue providing that service each day by keeping your home bacteria free.


Spray bottle sanitising work surfaces displaying our home cleaning services

Benefits vs expense

From what we’ve talked about so far, it’s easy to think “house cleaning sounds great, but what about the cost?”. Our bespoke prices, designed to suit you. We offer competitive rates that allow you keep your home cleaned regularly. And there's no need to break the bank! We promise that our cleans will be a thorough and delicate service. Our cleaning team are thoroughly checked and trained in-house to the highest possible standard. For many of our clients who are doctors, home cleaning has been a way to ease and improve their home life. So, why not feel the benefits yourself?

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To summarise, a regular home clean can make your life as a doctor healthier and easier. Through competitive rates and excellent service, our cleaners can leave your home spotless. At NowThen Cleaners, we want to work around our clients across Sheffield. If you’re a doctor and want to unlock your free time, please contact us:


Phone: 0114 212 7030

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