How do NowThen Cleaners approach educational sector cleaning?

Managing a site in the educational sector at any level is no simple task. With each level of education comes fresh and complex challenges for students and management alike. This week, we will explore all idiosyncrasies and challenges which can sometimes seem daunting when managing an educational site. From our perspective, as a specialist education cleaning company, there are three tiers of educational sites. Firstly, primary schools and nursery sites. Secondly, secondary schools and sixth form colleges. And thirdly, higher education sites such as universities. Each of these tiers presents different tests for cleaning staff and management. So how do NowThen Cleaners approach each these sites? Read on to find out:

How do sites in the educational sector differ?

There are multiple factors at play when considering how to approach a certain site. Whether that be the size of the campus, or the complex tasks required on shift, a professional cleaning company must put together a bespoke cleaning process which maximises cleanliness and minimises bacteria build up. This manifests in a variety of ways. For instance, cleaning smaller sites with a high concentration of pupils such as a primary school requires daily, intensive cleaning, most commonly after school hours. Whereas a university campus, given its immense size, likely requires a calm but constant cleaning presence throughout the day.

Larger sites also display logistical issues which require a high degree of organisation. Naturally, more staff are required for larger sites, so an organised and efficient team is essential. On the other hand, colleges and secondary schools have such intense footfall that a constant presence is almost essential in some cases. In educational sector cleaning, cleaning companies must look at sites on a case-by-case basis. This approach is effective on multiple levels.

While staffing is of course incredibly important, the minutia such as site-specific equipment deserves just as much attention. For instance, higher education sites will likely feature higher ceilings than other educational sites. As such, the need for high level cleaning equipment is exclusive to those sites. Educational cleaning cannot be viewed as an umbrella term. There is nuance involved to these services. As a cleaning company which specialises in educational cleaning services, we strive to treat each site with the care and attention it deserves.  

How can we help with educational sector cleaning?

Our resources are designed specifically to tackle cleaning contracts in the educational sector. As finding cleaning staff that have flexible schedules can be a recruitment issue for some sites, our mobile supervisor teams are always ready and available to step in. We are able to tackle sicknesses or absences incredibly effectively with ready-to-go mobile teams who are fully DBS checked and vetted. Our internal recruitment processes are also designed with educational sector cleaning in mind. Face-to-face interviews, full DBS checks and previous work references are absolutely crucial for our team, ensuring your site is in safe hands.

Sheffield as a city is built for education and learning. As 60,000 higher education students descend on the city each year, we’re here to ensure their learning environment has the highest standards of cleanliness. For your peace of mind, we will always conduct a site visit to ensure any client concerns are directly addressed.


When managing a site in the educational sector, you’ll always be on the lookout of ways to improve standards. NowThen Cleaners aims to do just that. There is a reason our educational sector cleaning services have led to outstanding levels of client satisfaction across South Yorkshire. If you have questions about efficiency, cleanliness or recruitment, we have the answers. To take control of your primary school, nursery, secondary school, college, or university campus, contact us today:

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