How important is a healthy environment?


In the cleaning industry, it’s generally accepted that a ‘healthy environment’ refers to a workplace or premises that’s clean, tidy and germ free. But what else does that term mean? As a growing cleaning company, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that professional cleaning has on our clients and employees. This week, we will explore the meanings behind a ‘healthy environment’ and how our services help to create one. From domestic to commercial settings, we can all benefit from a healthy environment.

What do we mean by a ‘healthy environment’?

As we’ve already explored, when the phrase ‘healthy environment’ comes to mind, we think of a workplace setting which is free from germs, allergens and potential safety hazards. But there is a more personal aspect to this phrase. Scientific evidence backs up the efficacy of cleaning when improving mental health and overall moods. Is it important to keep your environment physically safe? Absolutely. But the mental and emotional effects of cleaning must not be discounted. Coming into work each day, knowing your carpets have been vacuumed, that windows and glass have been cleaned goes a long way in ensuring employee happiness. So, if you manage a commercial site, don’t think of hiring a professional cleaning company as a tick-box exercise. Think of it as an opportunity to exponentially improve your working environment.

This idea translates easily to educational sites too. In a school, college, or university there are more factors at play. Site managers must consider the morale of not only staff members, but students and children too. Balancing multiple factors which make learning environments unpredictable can be tricky, the decision to choose a reliable cleaning company can offer your educational site that much needed stability.

Why is a healthy environment important?

Mental and physical health go hand in hand, often contributing to the betterment of each other. We spend a lot of time at work throughout the week. We must not forget about the effects your workplace can have on your staff. Increasing staff productivity, morale and overall happiness should be at the top of any employer’s priority list. Professional cleaning helps employers tick this off.

So where will you start seeing improvements? Staff attendance is a big factor. Many workplaces suffer from limited attendance due to staff sickness. Ensuring high touch points and areas where bacteria build up is prevalent are covered is the first step in increasing attendance. Staff retention is adjacent to the issue of attendance. In a post-pandemic world, many employers attract staff with promises of working from home. This is where traditional office spaces need to stand out from the crowd. A healthy environment can be a big draw for retaining employees and gaining new staff members. Keeping your staff in office enhances teamwork and morale, as an employer, what’s not to love?


In this week’s blog post we have explored the meaning behind the popular phrase a ‘healthy environment’ and why it is so important in a professional context. From a management perspective, recognise the benefits of positive physical and mental health on your employees. Your staff deserve a clean, comfortable, and productive environment each time they walk into the office. Show your appreciation by taking pride in your commercial site. Irrespective of sector, whether it be education, industrial or professional services, the positives provided by a professional cleaning company should never go unnoticed. To make your workplace in Sheffield a healthy and rewarding environment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we are here to help:

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