Helping you with the cost of living crisis

Helping Sheffield with the cost of living crisis


Flexible work to top up your income

With electricity bills rising by 65.4% and gas bills  128.9%, the cost of living in recent years has quickly increased. As bills go up, households are in need of more income and work. Depending on your living situation, whether you have children, live with a partner or alone, it’s likely that you’re in need of job role that suits your specific needs. We have a variety of roles to suit everyone. With part-time and full-time positions available, your working hours can be tailored to your lifestyle. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners and businesses have realised the importance of cleaning and sanitisation which has led to a higher demand for cleaning jobs in Sheffield. Whether you’re in need of a reliable, full-time role or a part-time position to supplement your income, it’s more than likely we have an answer for you.

Parents love the convenience

We understand how demanding being a parent can be, the main barrier for many parents is finding flexible work that fits around childcare. Our house cleaning jobs in Sheffield are active between 09:30am and 14:30pm so you’re free to use your own transport and set off straight from the school run! Many of our domestic cleaners can attest to the flexibility of our roles and how they’re the perfect solution to supplement your income during school hours to help with the cost of living. We provide our cleaners with full training and top-notch equipment to make sure each and every client is fully satisfied. When it comes to being a parent, we’re fully aware of the importance of communication with your employer. We encourage all staff to speak with our office team in open communication to ensure that you’re happy with your working hours and that they work for you.


Parent on school run before home cleaning to help with cost of living crisis

Students earn around their studies

With over 60,000 students in Sheffield, the city has become a huge university hub for young people across the world. University can be challenging, and the need to balance academic and social life is ever-present. As bills and rents increase, students can find themselves in need of some extra cash for the cost of living or even social activities. We find that commercial cleaning jobs are incredibly compatible with students through flexible working hours including weekends and late finishes. These hours often come in the form of school cleaning roles. We service over ten schools in the Sheffield area and are widely considered as school specialists. Many of our After School staff are postgraduate students who find school cleaning gratifying and adaptable with their university timetable. With your free time in the evenings, why not become a school cleaner for a rewarding and flexible job while you complete your studies?

Looking for work?

If you’ve been looking for work for a while, cleaning may be for you! Building off key everyday skills such as time management, attention to detail and, of course, cleaning itself, gaining experience through house or commercial cleaning jobs helps to sharpen these skills. Our roles are accessible and open to anyone who values hard work and a sense of accomplishment. Cleaning is an incredibly satisfying job and gives you the opportunity to make clients happy while you develop important professional life skills. As a vital service to all commercial sites, there’s always demand for a clean meaning that your hours and work will never reduce. For some workers who have experienced a drop in hours or a lack of demand in previous roles, cleaning jobs are incredibly refreshing compared to other positions as your job will always be secure, providing valuable support during the cost of living crisis. With many clients looking for cleaners who can attend sites after office hours, overtime is always possible in commercial cleaning roles, offering flexibility and higher earning potential for any worker in Sheffield.

Student after lecture before commercial cleaning to help with cost of living crisis

Let us help you with the cost of living

Ultimately, it’s likely that one of our cleanings jobs would suit you and your lifestyle. As Sheffield’s premier cleaning company, we staff cleaners that work a variety of hours and we understand how important flexibility is in the current job market. If you need to boost your income to assist with the cost of living or you’re looking to start an exciting new career, we’re here to make that happen. Part-time or full-time, office hours or childcare hours, whatever your requirements, we’re more than happy to find a place for you at NowThen Cleaners.

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