How we can help with your cover cleaning

In the cleaning industry, reliability can be hard to come by and we want to change that. For multiple sectors, a clean working environment will always remain essential. This is the case from a variety of perspectives. Whether it be the safety of your staff or the presentation of your workplace to clients, a clean site is downright critical. In this week’s blog post, we will explore how NowThen Cleaners help our clients with all their cover needs. Both short term and long term cover is a tricky issue which causes continuous problems that can disrupt your day-to-day operations. Stability is an incredible asset in the workplace, and that is what NowThen Cleaners can offer for any clients in Sheffield.

Cover cleaning for schools

As a specialist cleaning company in the educational sector, we are aware of how essential daily cleaning is at your school. Due to the number of staff and students which attend schools on a daily basis, the build up of bacteria, germs and dust can quickly get on top of you. Long term absences to school cleaning staff are a disaster which any caretaker or manager will be acutely aware of. Our mobile cleaning relief teams are always on hand to maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness in your school. Whether it’s one day or one month, we are always happy to help keep your school safe for staff and students. These short-term absences can also make your school holiday deep cleans difficult to approach. Our experienced staff members coupled with our bespoke deep cleaning checklists can ensure your school will be ready for the start of term.

As well as those tricky short-term absences, we are more than happy to keep your school clean in long-term instances of staff leave. We have devised effective and reliable plans to tackle these absences for new clients. Whether we cover your site with our market-leading mobile supervisors, or we place an excellent stationary staff member at your site, you can rest assured your site will never go without a clean. We are also incredibly flexible, we always listen to your needs and devise a specialist strategy which suits your specific circumstances. Our track record with the educational sector speaks for itself and we are always looking to help your school site gain some stability.

Why choose NowThen Cleaners for our cover cleaning?

When it comes to providing cover cleaning, there is a limited amount of companies and agencies who can give you their full and undivided attention. Many agencies who aim to provide cover services tend to stretch across a variety of sectors. This can lead to a lack of focus from your contractor which results in absences, inadequate training and limited personnel and performance checks which could damage the work environment. NowThen are a cleaning company through and through. Since 2015 we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest standard of commercial cleaning services for the Sheffield community. Our office staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, providing a level of customer service which is simply not possible with larger agencies who focus on a multitude of sectors. Despite our high-level of service, our prices will remain incredibly cost effective and excellent value for money.

Due to our dedication to cleaning, our knowledge of the variety of needs associated with various sectors will never go unnoticed. We have already touched upon our deep understanding of the educational sector. Alongside these clients, we also provide services for industrial, office and domestic sites. For each client, we create bespoke site files which account for the little idiosyncrasies on your site. From risk assessments and method statements to specialist equipment which always gets the job done, we’re here to suit you.


Ultimately, covering absences are a tricky but inevitable circumstance that managers will find themselves in. We want to make sure that you have peace of mind when that inevitability comes to fruition. At best, long- and short-term absences are an inconvenience, and at worst, they can ruin your day, week or month. Our unique solutions alongside our dedication to the cleaning industry make us Sheffield’s number one choice for cover cleaning services.

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