Make a Great First Impression with Quality Cleaning Services in Sheffield

We are taught since our childhood that “First impression is the last impression” and this turns out to be an important belief in almost every aspect of our life, especially in business.

Office cleaners in Sheffield believe that first impressions never have a second chance.

Keeping an office clean is one of the essential strategies of any business organization to maintain their image and stay ahead in the competition. A work place must have a clean and professional appearance to present the standard of work as an organization.

Imagine that you have a client meeting scheduled for a very big business deal. A client means a fortune for your business and the first impression about your organization is the factor that can strengthen the closing of a deal.

The first thing that the clients notice whenever they enter your office for a meeting is the cleanliness which reflects the standard of your business. If they enter an untidy office with dirty cubicles for employees and trash overflowing the bins, windows covered with layers of dust, etc.

They would look for an escape plan from such a messy environment getting scared for the sake of their health and would leave even without a meeting.

On the other hand, an uncluttered office with shiny floors, glass, and clean carpet would glorify your first impression. Quality cleaning services in Sheffield can make this possible such that your clean office can give a perfect reflection of your services and raise your standards.

The dirt and the germs on your desk can destroy your health and business relations! The threat is always lurking around in your dirty office looking for potential victims such as your employees and customers.

When these germs get their hands on your employees, your productivity and service quality suffers. When your customers become their victims, your sales and business relations can get disturbed. So, it becomes necessary to get your office cleaned and disinfected by professional office cleaners in Sheffield.

Let’s take a look at some facts which tell us a scary story about risks that a dirty office holds for your customers:

  • The work desk in your office is 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat

A leading brand of cleaning products released this shocking statistic, which tells us the real truth regarding the issues due to poor hygiene in many offices.

A dirty desk is not a just a playground for disease-causing viruses and bacteria, while 2/3 of office workers prefer eating at their desks. Your staff is contributing to the problem and making things worse.

So, quality cleaning services in Sheffield can help you by eliminating and disinfecting the bacteria playground on your desks.

  • 20% of your employees are never concerned about cleaning their mouse

The top priority for cleanliness is the important devices which come into contact with hands – such as the keyboard and mouse.

However, it is nothing new to hear that your employees are so lazy to bother cleaning their mouse and stop the infections from spreading. Such negligence leads to the arrival of flu season in your working environment and targets your employees.

Your cleaning regime should include the cleanliness of the keyboards and mice that are often ignored housing millions of pathogens and bacteria.

  • 50% of your office workers aren’t concerned about washing their hands after a toilet visit

A recent survey mentioned in Daily Mail revealed that almost half of the workforce in an office admitted about neglecting to wash their hands after a toilet visit.

Regardless of how much efforts you are doing to keep the bathroom and office space clean, your own employees are spreading germs and bacteria, which make people ill.

It is necessary to make your employees aware by educating them about hand washing procedures. It’s everyone on the staff responsible for the office cleanliness including the office cleaners in Sheffield.

  • Poor office sanitation regime causes a dent of billions to the UK economy in sick days

Poor sanitation standards are actually when one employee in the office becomes ill and the illness quickly spreads. Allergens and viruses such as flu and common cold get passed on when people don’t bother to wash their hands and touch the common surface such as water dispenser.

The financial loss occurs as a result when the productivity is lost due to the sick workforce reporting absenteeism, adding up to billions of losses to the UK economy.

  • 80% of illnesses spread through contact with contaminated surfaces

It is really necessary to cover your mouth while sneezing, they are the main attributes responsible for the spread of these germs and viruses.

The majority of such disease-causing microbes are transported to surfaces when they are touched with contaminated hands.

After sneezing and coughing your employees touch the devices such as keyboard, door handles, coffee mugs, printer buttons, etc. Bacteria have high tendency to live on these surfaces for hours and days, spreading to other employees and causing infections.

Thus, your productivity and business relationships can be improved and made stronger by raising your cleanliness standards by hiring expert office cleaners in Sheffield.

By ensuring that your office environment is clean and healthy enough to welcome your clients and customers, you are glorifying the potential of your first impression. A good impression can work wonders for your business relationships with customers and clients.

How you present yourself is how people first view you. What are you showcasing? A dirty and cluttered office environment that reflects a poor work ethic or a neat and tidy place of working where everyone believes in high-quality routines and services.

First impressions last – NowThenCleaners offers quality cleaning services in Sheffield. Now, focus on being productive instead of having a dirty office.

Get a shining office and impress your clients and business partners with our expert commercial cleaning and janitorial services.

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NowThenCleaners in Sheffield understand that office cleanliness matters. Hire the best services at unbeatable prices and get a clean office to impress your clients.


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