Natural Cleaning Solutions for The Dirtiest Places in Office

Predicative employees work for something bigger than money. Employees want a perfectly clean office to display their productivity for your company. Only a physically fit and mentally happy employee can drive your company/business to the next level of success. This is exactly where companies providing high-quality office cleaning services in Sheffield prove their value for your business.

The cleanliness level of your office tells about the reason why employees don’t like to work for your firm. It also tells how much you care for the health of your employees. You need to understand the value a clean office brings to your business.

This is why professional office cleaners in Sheffield advice all business owners to identify the dirtiest areas in their office and clean them to perfection. This is not the only thing they advise. They also advice business owners to clean all those dirty areas with natural cleaning solutions on daily basis.

The Dirtiest Areas in an Office

The picture of a dirty floor is the first thing that comes to mind at the name of the dirtiest areas in office. This is why most of the companies or business owners pay special attention towards the floor of their office space. According to experts delivering high-quality office cleaning services in Sheffield, the floor is not the only dirty area in an office space. That’s right!

If you look at your office space carefully with open eyes then you will notice a number of areas that are dirtier than the floor. For example:


Almost every employee uses the washroom in an office at least once or twice a day. Some people go in there to rinse their mouth in the washbasin or sink after eating their food. Some wash their hands after using the washroom. This is exactly when we touch some areas at the office or that make our hands home to germs. All of the employees wash their terribly dirty hands in the washbasin installed in office washroom. This is why washbasins installed in your office become the dirtiest place in your office. If it is not cleaned on a daily basis then employees are bound to face health issues.

This is why experienced office cleaners in Sheffield advice you to make sure that the washbasin installed in your office is cleaned with baking soda every day.

As for reason, baking soda is non-toxic and mildly abrasive. More importantly, baking soda will not burn a big hole in your pocket. It is easily affordable. You just have to put some baking soda in a dry washbasin. Then you should rub it with mildly wet scrub. Don’t let the scrub too much! Moreover, remember to dry the washbasin completely before using baking soda to clean it. You should bleach it also. Bleaching the washbasin helps remove yellowness or other harmful germs from the washbasin.

Door Handle

This is another one of the dirtiest thing/place in every office. Your employees catch a lot germs from it. Your employees go out for lunch. They go to washroom too. All of them touch the door handle to open the door with their dirty hands to get back to their seat in the office space. Therefore, you have to get all of the door handles in your office cleaned to perfection every day. As for reason, expert office cleaners in Sheffield see dirty door handles in offices as one of the major reasons of employee sickness and an increase in their sick leaves.

The use of water and vinegar is one of the best and most cost-effective natural cleaning solutions for cleaning door handles. If needed, baking soda can also be used with it. It will help restore the shine of door handles. More importantly, there will not be germs on the door handles to make your employees fall sick.

Computer Desks

You are reading absolutely right! Most of the employees get to the office without having their breakfast in the morning because they don’t want to get late. This is why they pack their breakfast and lunch and bring it to the office. They eat their food and a lot more things right at their desks. As a result of it, their desk becomes regular party place for germs.

It is not possible to clean every office desk on a daily basis. Therefore, you can ask your employees to eat inside the pantry to keep the office desks clean. However, you will still have to get them cleaned on weekly basis to make them perfectly clean.

Olive oil is one of the best natural cleaning solutions to clean the desks of your office. According to the companies providing office cleaning services in Sheffield, it makes your wooden desks shine. It moisturizes the wood and protects it from the damage and germs.

You can also use white vinegar as an alternative. It is very useful to cut through those greasy stains that spoil the personality of wooden desks installed in your office. It also acts as a good disinfectant. For desks made of dark woods, apple cider vinegar is good.


This is one of the dirtiest place/thing in every office. All of your employees put their food in it. It easily gets dirty because employees open it time and again with their dirty hands. Sometimes, they spill beverages or food in it. As a result of it, the refrigerator installed in your office becomes one of the major reasons of health issues faced by your employees.

Therefore, you should get it cleaned on a daily basis. In case you don’t get the refrigerator installed in your office cleaned every day, be ready to see your employees sending you sick leaves. If luck is not by your side then you should be ready to see your employees tendering their resignation for the health issues they will face because of a dirty refrigerator.

The Bottom Line

You cannot clean the whole office at your own. It is very difficult to maintain the level of cleanliness to help your employees stay healthy and productive for your business. This is exactly where expert office cleaning service providers in Sheffield prove themselves as one of the most productive asset you can hire for your business.

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