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5 Amazing House Cleaning Tips To Prep Your House for Christmas

By NowThen Cleaners | Oct 13, 2017

The festive season is just around the corner. Just like every year, everyone seems to be quite thrilled and hyped about Christmas and the upcoming holidays. Everyone awaits this time of the year to have fun and relax. However, if you’re a housewife, a mother, or a homemaker, things might be a bit different for…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Office Space Neat and Clean

By NowThen Cleaners | Sep 28, 2017

A working adult usually spends around 40 hours a week in just one place – their office. Thus, an office becomes a huge part of our life as we spend most of our weeks’ time in there – working, gossiping, and bonding with colleagues, and what not! Given the fact that we spend a great…

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5 Dirtiest Areas That You Usually Ignore During Office Cleaning

By NowThen Cleaners | Sep 27, 2017

The business owners and employees in an office are sometimes so engrossed in their work that they rarely get a chance to pay heed to the office cleaning. If you don’t have an outside help for the cleanliness of your office, like the professionals delivering cleaning services or regular janitorial services, you might be in…

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5 Places to Clean to Make Your Office a Healthy Place for Your Employees and Customers

By NowThen Cleaners | Sep 21, 2017

Health is wealth! This is absolutely right! Home is not the only place you spend time at. That’s right too! Everyone spends more than 80% of their time in their offices, every day. This is why offices get terribly dirty in no time. So, the professional office cleaners advise you to clean your office regularly.…

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Organise your garage

4 Handy Steps to Deep Clean and Organise Your Garage

By NowThen Cleaners | Aug 21, 2017

If your car, bicycles, or motorbikes are parked outside the house, you need to take some time out and have a look inside your garage. It’s probably cluttered, overstuffed, and untidy.  Don’t worry, we’re all in this together. For a place like a garage, we often don’t have time to keep things organised and clean…

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Cleaning products for cleaners

Cleaning the Corners and Spaces of The House That You’ve Been Avoiding

By NowThen Cleaners | Aug 9, 2017

While house cleaning, there are often a number of spaces that we avoid, EVERY TIME! These are the spaces that are either hidden or tight and thus, they are somewhat hard to reach. Or, you just feel lazy to take the time out to clean them! Well, we’ve all been there. However, the spaces require…

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Cleaners Happy with Clean kitchen

Tips on How Professional Cleaners in Sheffield Maintain their Home Cleanliness

By NowThen Cleaners | Aug 3, 2017

If your friend or a known one works as a professional cleaner for a living, you must have observed that their own house is very clean. You might also want to know the secret for such cleanliness. This article is a great help for you to know how to keep your house neat and clean.…

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get rid of the shoe smell

5 Nifty Tips to Deodorize Your House

By NowThen Cleaners | Jul 20, 2017

Have you ever just entered your house and thought, “God! That stinks!”? I won’t judge you, we’ve all been there! After all, it’s a house and it’s bound to gather sludge and clutter that can be a cause of different odors in your house. However, when you’ve taken care of the regular cleaning and dumping…

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Top 6 cleaning hacks

Top 6 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your House Spotless – Every Day

By NowThen Cleaners | Jul 20, 2017

The task of cleaning the house doesn’t have to be all the more daunting and horrifying. It only gets worse when you pile things up for later. Once you start procrastinating the cleaning tasks for later, it will all add up to a huge mess and you’d eventually have to call the professionals for domestic…

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