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End of Tenancy Cleaning Sheffield

6 Effective Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning

By NowThen Cleaners | Mar 20, 2017

You’re all in your high spirits because you’re soon moving to a new house! It’s a matter of exhilaration, indeed! However, if you’re leaving a rented accommodation behind you, another important thing must be on the priority list for you – the end of tenancy cleaning. Of course, we are not trying to kill your…

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Office Cleaning Tips

5 Office Cleaning Tips for a Clean and Presentable Office

By NowThen Cleaners | Feb 28, 2017

Office cleaning is not something that everyone is fond of. As much as it is vital to keep the office spaces clean, the importance of keeping the office cleanliness is often overlooked.  This is because the people who own the offices or commercial spaces, often don’t pay heed to this crucial factor! And if you’re…

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House Cleaning Hacks

3 Easy and Hassle Free House Cleaning Hacks

By NowThen Cleaners | Feb 10, 2017

Nothing can beat the happiness of finding the best house that you’ve been dreaming of having. A dream home. Yes, it’s thrilling to own one. Moving, shifting, adapting to the new environment, mingling with the new neighbors, and exploring the new neighborhood can be all fun and games. But that is it! The newness had…

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Hacks

21 Hacks for Hassle-free Easy End of Tenancy Cleaning

By NowThen Cleaners | Jan 3, 2017

Are you living on rent somewhere? Are you planning to vacate the residential property you are living in? This is where the end of tenancy cleaning comes into play. You have to clean the property and restore its personality back to normal before vacating it. It is indeed very important that you clean the residential…

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

7 Must Know Hacks to Find the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Company

By NowThen Cleaners | Nov 8, 2016

Do you know the right thing to do before determining the best end of tenancy cleaning company? It is not a piece of cake! It can be really hard. End of tenancy cleaning is seriously a time consuming task. Therefore, you need to educate yourself on this subject. Whose responsibility it is? The number or…

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5 Easily Available House Cleaning Products for Your Kitchen

By NowThen Cleaners | Oct 4, 2016

Health is wealth! All of us know it. This is why we must try our level best to protect our health. A neat and clean home is the order of the day for leading a healthy life. This is possible only when our home is clean to perfection and the indoor environment is totally safe…

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Quality Domestic Cleaning in Sheffield

6 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks for Speedy House Cleaning

By NowThen Cleaners | Sep 6, 2016

No one likes to live in a dirty house. Living in a dirty house is similar to inviting a number of diseases, a reason why everybody focuses on cleaning their house to perfection. But cleaning a house is not a child’s play. House cleaning can easily consume all of your day and physical energy. If not done…

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7 Top Tips to Maintain a Clean and Tidy Kitchen

7 Top Tips to Maintain a Clean and Tidy Kitchen

By NowThen Cleaners | Jul 26, 2016

The Kitchen is said to be the heart of the home. There is no denying the fact that it is one of the most important places in your home that needs to be clean and tidy. It is a place where you spend a considerable amount of time; preparing family meals, sorting the kids’ lunch, and…

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House Cleaners Running Sheffield Half Marathon

Sheffield Half Marathon Done and Dusted

By NowThen Cleaners | Apr 15, 2016

5 days on from this years Sheffield half marathon and we have just about recovered.. What a race it was, smashing weather and a beautifully scenic route to boot! From town to the peaks we climbed just under 300ft and then ran it back down again. When the going got tough we were able to…

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