NowThen to run Sheffield Half Marathon raising money for the Cathedral Archer Project

Sheffield Half Marathon 2014 NowThen Cleaners Team PhotoOn Sunday 10th of April, NowThen Cleaners & Friends will be running the Sheffield Half Marathon, raising money for the Cathedral Archer Project.

The Cathedral Archer Project (CAP) is a place where homeless people can change their lives for the better.

With less than 5 weeks to go our training is starting to ramp up, taking into account as many of Sheffield’s hills as possible to prepare for the half marathons long uphill run out to Ringinglow from town.

It has been 2 years since our last Sheffield half marathon, for those of you that ran it I’m sure you will remember ‘water-gate’, with the race being cancelled due to water supplier problems. Luckily we all ran the race regardless!

This year the route has changed to involve the city centre and a trip to peaks, visually this is a massive improvement for runners and spectators alike however physically it will be an even greater challenge.

A half marathon is a lot like a deep clean, tough to begin with, challenging throughout but at the end a great achievement and something to look back on! However much like with running you have to stay on top of the cleaning.

While training is going to be tough and the race gruelling, we can’t envisage what life must be like for the homeless. So to support homeless people to change their lives for the better we have decided to raise money for the Cathedral Archer Project. To learn more about the Cathedral Archer Project click here.

To donate please click here

If you are feeling brave and want to run with us, there should still be time to sign up.

Toughest training route yet including Hag Hill and Lodge Lane, Blog post to come…

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