How important is a healthy environment?

Introduction In the cleaning industry, it’s generally accepted that a ‘healthy environment’ refers to a workplace or premises that’s clean, tidy and germ free. But what else does that term mean? As a growing cleaning company, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that professional cleaning has on our clients and employees. This week,…

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3 reasons to choose our industrial cleaning services

Introduction If you are a facilities manager at any type of industrial site, you’ll understand the care and attention these sites deserve. Within the industrial sector can be found multiple different areas that present their own challenges. The issues faced on a manufacturing site may differ to those in a warehouse, for example. It is…

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What Makes Industrial Cleaning Unique?

Industrial unit with yellow shutters ready for industrial cleaning

There’s a lot at stake on industrial sites. Projects are often held to tight, scheduled deadlines so fluidity and smoothness are incredibly valuable in industrial settings. In many ways, cleaners facilitate this. Cleaners make sure that nothing gets in the way of those all-important workflows. The vital work of cleaning often takes place outside of…

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