How do NowThen Cleaners approach educational sector cleaning?

Managing a site in the educational sector at any level is no simple task. With each level of education comes fresh and complex challenges for students and management alike. This week, we will explore all idiosyncrasies and challenges which can sometimes seem daunting when managing an educational site. From our perspective, as a specialist education…

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How important is a healthy environment?

Introduction In the cleaning industry, it’s generally accepted that a ‘healthy environment’ refers to a workplace or premises that’s clean, tidy and germ free. But what else does that term mean? As a growing cleaning company, we are becoming increasingly aware of the effects that professional cleaning has on our clients and employees. This week,…

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Why School Cleaning and Caretaking Matters

Introduction We take immense pride in our school cleaning services. The effects of cleaning and caretaking are evident throughout the entire school day. Cleaning and maintenance staff are overlooked in the context of a school. In this week’s blog post, we will dive into why these roles are so important and how it benefits both…

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How we can help with your cover cleaning

In the cleaning industry, reliability can be hard to come by and we want to change that. For multiple sectors, a clean working environment will always remain essential. This is the case from a variety of perspectives. Whether it be the safety of your staff or the presentation of your workplace to clients, a clean…

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Why you need to book an Easter deep clean

Introduction As Easter approaches, the pressure to start cleaning and shake off those winter cobwebs is mounting. At NowThen Cleaners we can tell you first hand that there’s nothing like a thorough deep clean to kickstart your Easter holidays. There’s plenty of reasons to have a deep clean this Easter. Perhaps you’re going on a…

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How to keep your remote working space clean

Introduction After the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve had to get comfortable with working from home. Whether you’ve started a new job or moved into a home office, it can be easy to let the cleaning fall to the wayside. Keeping your home clean is one of the most important tasks in the day. We’re here to…

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Why parents need professional home cleaning

Family in clean home

Introduction to home cleaning As a new parent, your life is going to get very busy, very quickly. We understand how tough it can be to adapt to a new lifestyle once your new arrival comes along. Many new parents look for ways to ease this process, to make daily life that little bit easier.…

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How can a doctor benefit from house cleaning?

Doctor working at his desk whilst NowThen Cleaners take care of the home cleaning

Improve your day-to-day The 35,000+ doctors work extremely hard on a daily basis to help and heal everyone in the Sheffield community. Back-to-back appointments and long hours can leave you with very little time to get the cleaning done at home. In this week’s blog post, we’ll explore the ways your day-to-day life can be…

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How our domestic cleaning services can relieve stress

Relax with our domestic cleaning services

Making your life that little bit easier As fellow key workers, we understand how stressful the day-to-day life of a public sector worker can be. In this week’s blog post we’ll explore how a regular domestic cleaning service can help you to relax. Whether you’re a teacher, an ambulance worker with shifts around the clock…

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Helping you with the cost of living crisis

Home or house cleaning jobs can help you with the cost of living

  Flexible work to top up your income With electricity bills rising by 65.4% and gas bills  128.9%, the cost of living in recent years has quickly increased. As bills go up, households are in need of more income and work. Depending on your living situation, whether you have children, live with a partner or…

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