What Makes Industrial Cleaning Unique?

There’s a lot at stake on industrial sites. Projects are often held to tight, scheduled deadlines so fluidity and smoothness are incredibly valuable in industrial settings. In many ways, cleaners facilitate this. Cleaners make sure that nothing gets in the way of those all-important workflows. The vital work of cleaning often takes place outside of regular work hours, so these workspaces don’t become overcrowded. In these environments in particular, cleaners must work incredibly efficiently and at great pace for when most staff start their shift. This is where the basic tenets of work come into play: punctuality and reliability.

Just like those industrial deadlines, cleaning these workplaces hinges on efficiency. Allotting the correct amount of time to each section so that all areas are adequately covered is essential. The size of industrial clients appears daunting to many cleaning companies but having an expert rigorously time-manage these sites relieves a huge amount of pressure.

Colourful helmets hanging up for the day and the area is ready for construction cleaning

So, what are the most important aspects of industrial cleaning? We have mentioned a couple already, let’s unpack the rest.

Machinery and Manufacturing Sections

The first aspect that most people think of in industrial workplaces is the heavy machinery that is used daily. In comparison to most commercial sites, factories and workshops present a much higher risk of injury because of unique, heavy-duty equipment. It is imperative that cleaning companies consider both legal and practical perspectives here. On one hand, the correct risk assessment and method statements must be created, shown to and learnt by staff. This is to ensure that, as a cleaning company, you have done all you can to keep your staff safe. In these blog posts, we rarely talk about the importance of documentation, but in an industrial context the relevant and correct health and safety documents are crucial.

These areas are also where the most grime and dirt will build up from the continuous usage of heavy machinery. Here, to keep the grime at bay, cleaners need to use equipment that is specific to the site. The machines, methods and utensils used in these sections will differ depending on the nature of the industrial site. Cleaning warehouses would require different equipment to a factory, for example. There are fine margins to getting this right. But the right training goes a long way in ensuring the right job gets done for specific locations.

Welfare Sections

Due to the nature of industrial and manufacturing sectors, most staff require different facilities to many other workplaces. For instance, while the standard office, toilet and reception areas will all be present and prominent, rarer sections such as showers, canteens and locker rooms are going to require some serious attention. Industrial work is hard and laborious, often generating lots of grime and dirt depending on the sector of work. This is where these sites require cleaners who are resilient and experienced.


Industrial cleaning welfare facililites


Briefly, it is worth noting a few points regarding the recruitment aspect of finding the correct cleaner for these clients. When recruiting, you’re looking for someone with experience in a very similar sector. For most commercial clients, standard experience of office, showroom or school cleaning is a great sign and an indication that your candidate is completely capable of fulfilling their job role. However, the likelihood that these skills transfer over into the industrial sector is somewhat slim. This is down to the workload required in industrial sites such as factories, they are packed with high-touch zones and frequently used welfare facilities.

The volume of staff that are present in these workplaces may prove too much for some. Therefore, it is vital to source a candidate that knows what is needed to fulfil their job role. These candidates often come in the form of experienced industrial cleaners. There is a large amount of transferability across industrial sectors. You can expect a cleaner who has worked in a production setting to clean welfare sections to a high standard. This is mainly due to the tenacity that these sections require. So, the ideal candidate looks like this:

  • Multiple years’ experience in an industrial cleaning role.
  • Outstandingly tenacious and resilient.
  • Understanding of the standards required within their specific sections.

It’s also a bonus if a candidate is familiar with your organisation’s unique cleaning methods and equipment. These are fast-paced non-stop workplaces so the quicker a cleaner can pick up the essentials of the position the better. Keeping these spaces clean and sanitised is essential given the high concentration of bacteria and germs that can build up due to constant use. For the wellness and health of staff, these sections need to be rigorously sanitised with the correct solutions.

Office Sections

Finally, these sections will be familiar with many commercial cleaning companies. Even though office areas may seem banal in comparison to sections with fancy machinery, it does not make them any less important. Offices present very similar challenges across various sectors. There are standard tasks such as vacuuming, desk cleaning and tricky jobs such as cleaning trunking and digital devices. Although all the tasks listed above are present in industrial cleaning, you can’t count out the possibility of an incongruous office on an industrial site. Small maintenance offices and workshops may be dotted around the administration areas and can present unique challenges. With these areas, much of the previously mentioned specific training is in order, the correct risk assessments, health and safety documentation etc.


Industrial office cleaning


In the end, cleaning an industrial client’s site is tough work. But, with the right preparation and the ideal candidates, these sites will be cleaned just as well as other commercial and domestic spaces.

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