Why Is Professional School Cleaning So Important?

We all know how important schools are to our community. As places of learning, nurturing and development the cleanliness of these institutions needs to be taken extremely seriously. We at NowThen Cleaners in Sheffield pride ourselves on an exceedingly high standard of school cleaning. The quality of our work is known throughout the community. Our robust local reputation exists because of our body of work. We service many schools based in Sheffield, we know first-hand how vital the sanitisation and cleanliness of a school is. That’s what we want to share with you in this post.


Pupils returning to school after the pandemic, whilst the classrooms are undergoing after school cleaning

Back to school

As virtual learning and home-schooling thankfully fades in to the past, school sites are again the main place children to learn and grow. In a world where sanitisation and cleanliness has come to the forefront of safety after the COVID-19 pandemic, any workplace’s ability to operate effectively starts with a meticulously safe and immaculate atmosphere. In Primary Schools especially, a bright, shining and vibrant environment brings students together in a setting where creativity can prosper, and children can succeed. Keeping these spaces clean, whether it be a library, classroom or hallway, allows those all-important colours to pop off walls, inspiring and entertaining students. Getting children back into lower education may seem like a bigger challenge than before thanks to the last two years. Re-introducing kids back into a healthy place where they can socialise and learn safely is more important now than ever before.

How we can help with school cleaning

Instead of entrusting these vital duties to a team of minimally trained in-house cleaners, enlisting the duties of a professional cleaning team is a proven and trusted way of keeping both students and staff safe. Schools vary in size. This means that a professional opinion is needed to evaluate how many hours and the number of cleaners it takes to consistently maintain a spotless school. There is a fine line between a tidy school and a clean school. Even though staff may walk in each morning and fail to notice the hard work the cleaners have done either in the morning or the day before, the correct solutions that will eliminate harmful germs and bacteria need to be used!

In many cases, it is the processes you don’t see which are the most important, when the students and staff have left the building. Time is your enemy when cleaning a school. There is a finite number of hours when no learning or work is taking place where crucial cleaning can be completed. Whether it be two hours in the morning or three hours at night, cleaners need to work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. Professionally managed teams should always be on hand to assign the right number of minutes to a job.


Teaching assisting pupil in clean environment thanks to our school cleaning services

Challenges in school cleaning

For many cleaners, school sites can be daunting because of their differences with other commercial projects. There are a wide variety of areas that contain various materials, floor types and equipment. Each area of a school necessitates specific attention when it is cleaned. A changing room covered in mud that has been brought in from a P.E. lesson will offer different challenges to a messy staffroom that is used day in and day out. These sites are also filled to the brim with high-touch areas such as handrails, push plates and door handles. High-touch areas need to be examined and cleaned professionally in order to stop the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. Schools are often the starting point for sicknesses that run throughout the family, a thorough clean of a school cuts household illness at its root.

Learning is at its best when you have peace of mind, a feeling that you can concentrate on the most important tasks in life. By hiring a team of professionals, cleaners who pride themselves on high standards, teachers and students alike will be able to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

Ultimately, schools are differ from other clients that many cleaning companies service. We will leave you with this: specific settings require specific solutions and all you need is the right cleaners for the job.

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