Why School Cleaning and Caretaking Matters


We take immense pride in our school cleaning services. The effects of cleaning and caretaking are evident throughout the entire school day. Cleaning and maintenance staff are overlooked in the context of a school. In this week’s blog post, we will dive into why these roles are so important and how it benefits both staff and students. With high pressure situations and important exams constantly at play in schools, colleges and universities, it is time we take a look at the staff that make it all the success possible. From caretakers to cleaners, these are the staff that allow your children to gain a comfortable and productive education.


Caretakers are a huge part of security and safety in schools. They make sure that each student and staff member has a seamless transition from commute to desk. This smooth transition is often overlooked in its importance. The ability to sit down and get learning will always remain a valuable asset to any school. Caretakers offer stability for an educational site. Our caretakers are fully vetted, trained and DBS checked before they start work, with your child’s safety in mind.

Caretaker roles can take various forms, both part-time and full-time roles are necessary to keep each site up to scratch. Caretaking is also a role that involves multiple moving parts. From maintenance to administration, attention to detail is of paramount importance for all caretaking staff. Organisation is where our caretakers really shine. Ensuring each area of the site is clean, tidy and safe on a daily basis takes dedication and a high level of thoroughness.

School Cleaning

While caretakers deal with organisation, it’s the cleaners who put in the work to ensure the whole school is up to scratch. It is unlikely you will see school cleaners throughout the day. This is due to the hours in which they operate, typically in the early morning and late afternoon. However, the results from their work are evident throughout the school day by staff and students alike.

Why is a clean school so important?

There are a multitude of ways these roles benefit schools, staff and students. These roles are a gateway to an effective and productive learning environment. Without caretakers, teachers and students would not be able to sit down and get on with important learning activities. Without school cleaners, staff and students would struggle to stay healthy. Due to the shear amount of people coming in and out of a school on a daily basis, allergens and harmful bacteria can quickly build up.

Minimising sick days for teachers and pupils should sit at the top of the priority list for any headteacher, eliminating harmful bacteria will always get the job done. OFSTED inspections are always a stressful time for schools. Regimented and effective cleaning can take the stress off in situations like this. Peace of mind goes a long way, and it is the dedicated cleaning and caretaking teams who can be thanked for that.


This week we have taken a much-deserved look at the importance of cleaning and caretaking in school environments. With each school, these requirements will differ. For example, in large secondary schools, well organised caretaking teams are essential. Whereas in smaller primary schools, it takes one or two dedicated caretakers and a small cleaning team to allow the school to run like clockwork. From negating staff and student sicknesses to impressing in OFSTED inspections, the importance of these roles can never be understated. No matter the size of the site, our caretaking and cleaning services remain some of the most important roles in a school environment. If you want to keep your site up to scratch, contact us for a site visit today:

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