Why students choose NowThen summer cleaning

Introduction to summer cleaning

Calling all hard-working students! As the academic year comes to a close, as a student you may be in need of some extra work. That is where we come in. Our summer cleaning roles are perfect for both postgraduate and undergraduate students. Whether you are looking for a fun and flexible summer cleaning role or simply some extra cash, it is likely this role is for you. Our summer apartment cleaning consists of a large team who focus on our move in/out cleaning tasks. From servicing apartments every summer, we have developed an in depth understanding of what is required from our summer teams. Rest assured, you will receive full training, learning from our market-leading permanent team members. Year on year, our student teams consistently provide an excellent and fulfilling service for accommodation in Sheffield.

What’s our summer cleaning schedule?

There are multiple reasons students decide to take up a summer cleaning role with us. Firstly, the flexibility of the role allows students to finish up their studies with very little disruption to their regular schedule. Your availability is what matters in this role, and if you are not available for one week, it’s more than likely we can fit you in during our next week. Whether you’re looking for fifteen hours or thirty hours, you will be welcome in our team. Our teams operate across three busy weeks at the end of June, July, and August. Across these weeks we complete a variety of studio, two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments. Working days typically range from three to eight hours so we’re more than happy to work around your time requirements!

Why summer cleaning?

Many of our student staff members find our summer cleaning roles incredibly satisfying. It has been proved that domestic cleaning can improve mental health and act as a great source of stress relief. After a hard year studying, there is nothing better than relieving all that stress in a thorough and satisfying clean. With our temporary roles, there’s also no need to commit into the new academic year if you’re looking to restart your studies. On the other hand, you can also develop and cultivate relationships with our staff members and management throughout these weeks. From the outset of the new academic year, we also have a variety of flexible permanent roles which can offer flexible work and consistent income through your studies. Many of our student cleaners work with us after the summer period with various clients such as offices, schools and industrial sites. The breadth of sites we cover offer a variety of different schedule structures. For example, school cleaning takes place in the evenings, meaning you have time to complete your lectures during the day and industrial sites are serviced at the weekends. While our summer cleaning roles are a great opportunity to destress in the holidays, they’re also a chance to see if there’s a permanent opportunity in the future. We’re always looking at progression opportunities too. So, if you are looking for a rewarding environment where you can put your skills learnt at university to good use, just have a chat with our office team!


Our yearly summer cleaning jobs are always a productive and stress relieving opportunity. Year after year, we meet enthusiastic students who are willing to work hard throughout the summer period. Our experience makes us a brilliant option for temporary or permanent work. And most importantly, we want to work around you. Does this sound like you? Contact us by phone or email to register your interest and get started this summer:

Phone: 0114 212 7030

Email: hello@nowthencleaners.co.uk

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