Why you need to book an Easter deep clean


As Easter approaches, the pressure to start cleaning and shake off those winter cobwebs is mounting. At NowThen Cleaners we can tell you first hand that there’s nothing like a thorough deep clean to kickstart your Easter holidays. There’s plenty of reasons to have a deep clean this Easter. Perhaps you’re going on a two week holiday and have no time to clean? Or perhaps the kids being back has made it impossible to get on top of your normal chores. As ever, NowThen Cleaners are here to take the weight of your shoulders. In this week’s blog post we’ll explore the why and how, all about our Easter deep cleans.

What are Easter deep cleans?

Our Easter deep clean services come at a great time for most of our clients. For a variety of reasons, keeping the house clean throughout the holidays can be tricky. What we offer is a thorough service which makes your day-to-day that much easier. Our Easter bookings are a one-off and thorough service. Deep cleans are the most comprehensive service we offer in occupied properties. We realise how important attention to detail is in our one-off services. That’s why Easter deep cleans include the cleaning of doors, cupboards and units, radiators, curtain rails and appliances.

We want to take those tough jobs that keep slipping away off your hands so you can enjoy the April sun. So don’t let cleaning the grout in the shower slip away from yet another clean. Studies have shown that a clean home improves your mental health and it can be tricky to keep on top of some bigger tasks. Our Easter deep clean slots are here to make sure you start off April with a spring in your step.

Who benefits from Easter deep cleans?

Our deep cleaning slots are a brilliant way for all sorts of people to ease the pressure over the Easter period. First and foremost, the kids are back in the house! It is for this reason that many of our clients are busy parents, looking to manage their busy home life while the kids are on Easter break. That’s why we know first hand how much an Easter Deep clean can help during those frantic two weeks. With the kids home, places in your home will be used much more regularly than during term time. This can lead to a build up of bacteria on a scale you’re probably not used to. Our teams can eradicate all germs and harmful bacteria to make sure your Easter holidays aren’t ruined by sickness.

While our Easter deep cleans can are extremely handy for pai going on holiday this Easter you should also consider this service. We all know there’s nothing worse than getting home after a long holiday and having to catch up on all your cleaning. Instead of having this experience for yet another year, our vetted and highly skilled teams can look after your home either before or while you’re on holiday. Book your easter deep clean now and let us help you relax that little bit longer.


To finish this blog post, it’s important you know what to expect when it comes to our teams. Our Easter deep clean teams are experienced and dedicated to making your home comfortable, safe and presentable for the duration of your holidays. Our teams also work until the job is done, meaning that all your requirements will be thoroughly completed. And if you’re happy with our deep clean, why not make it a regular occurrence? Our regular slots can help you keep on top of your home, so you’ll always have that fresh feel. To sweep up the most out of the holidays this April, book now!

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