Why your office should use a professional cleaning company


An office workspace needs to be productive. With staff constantly coming in and out of meeting rooms, using kitchen areas, and clicking on keyboards, germs and bacteria can build up pretty quickly. In this blog post, we’ll explain why it is downright essential to hire a professional cleaning company for your office.

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Most simply, reducing clutter and mess in your office means that your staff can get on with their jobs. The more time spent tidying and sanitising is time wasted on productivity. Of course, there is a middle-ground here. One job a day, whether it be washing their dishes after they’ve been used or wiping down monitors can go a long way in keeping your office presentable. But there are some tasks that your office staff should steer clear of. Some jobs require a professional touch. Vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and wiping digital devices can be risky if you’re not a cleaner by trade.


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To get the job done, your office needs a professional cleaning team.

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Your staff deserve a clean workplace. Arriving to a clean office starts the day off on a good foot. A regular cleaning team that has fixed hours a week means that your office will be tidy all the time. Stability for cleaners is important. In tough, manual roles such as cleaning, temporary jobs are ever present. We offer permanent positions for staff reducing the chance of absences and lateness. That being said, if our staff are always in, so are yours. Consistent cleaning of high touch surfaces and workstations leads to a massive reduction in illnesses caught in the workplace. This means fewer sick days and an all-round healthy workforce. This is where cleaning works on a professional and personal basis.


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No worker wants to be ill, no workplace wants illnesses. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a win-win.

Office spaces are crucial to a business and first impressions count. When you are meeting a prospective client or welcoming someone from head office, the best thing that your office can look is clean. Shining surfaces, spotless glass and immaculate floors are a perfect backdrop to important meetings. Clients need to feel welcome; they need to be able to visualise working with you. That’s hard to do if your business isn’t presentable. Perhaps this is the most important reason to hire a professional cleaning company for your office.


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When a client next visits the office ask yourself: is this the best impression I could possibly make?

Because we spend most weekdays in the office, it’s important to keep the environment fresh and healthy! Office cleaning is about peace of mind, if you’re an office based in Sheffield, fill out our short enquiry form here, or you send us and email or give us a call:

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