More than just office cleaning. 

We've got the formula to deliver consistently unparalleled standards.

Your business, and those who work so hard within, deserve the best office cleaning in Sheffield.

NowThen Cleaners are a premium provider of Sheffield cleaning services. We understand cleaning from top to bottom. Delivering the high-quality office cleaning service that you can book with ease and our experienced, reference-checked, and professional office cleaners in Sheffield, will make your workplace clean in no time at all.

Forget the hassle of cleaners not turning up, and feeling the embarrassment of an unclean space

A clean and tidy office is crucial to the well being of your business. A clean and healthy environment is important to the happiness and productivity of your employees. A shining office looks great to impress clients, prospects and business partners, for this your office needs to be clean, presentable, and hygienic—an untidy office can be bad for business.

If you’re located in Sheffield and have landed here looking for the best office cleaners in Sheffield, you’ve come to the right place.

With our expert commercial cleaning and janitorial services, NowThen Cleaners can hands down be your best choice for professional office cleaning in Sheffield.

For both your staff and clients, a clean office is absolutely essential. That’s why our highly trained commercial office cleaners are always on hand to make sure your workplace is gleaming. It may be tempting to ask staff members to complete certain cleaning tasks themselves, but some jobs should be left for a professional company. Vacuuming, mopping and the cleaning of electronics requires a delicate and well-trained hand. At NowThen Cleaners that’s what we provide.

NowThen Cleaners guarantees reliability, accountability and delivers consistently unparalleled standards

We want to work around your schedule and allow you to get on with the important work you do daily. Our cleans can be completed at any time and on any schedule you require. Whether you’d like the office cleaned throughout the day, or completed after hours, we’ll have a highly trained cleaner to suit you. Office cleaning is all about attention to detail, we carry out regular audits to ensure each task is thoroughly completed. A clean office also means less sick days, enlist a professional cleaning company and see your productivity skyrocket. Allow us to treat your office the way it deserves and enquire below for our office cleaning in Sheffield.

We do more than just office cleaning in Sheffield.

As much as we love cleaning, we also love taking a greater weight off of your mind when it comes to other aspects involved with managing your office cleaning in Sheffield.

NowThen People™

As well as our talented cleaning employees, we staff permanent and temporary quality hard-working support personnel. From kitchen and catering, school/building caretaking, reception and security. Find out more about how we can help you.


NowThen Services

From ensuring washroom supplies are fully replenished, waste and recycling is collected and your external windows and signage is looking its best—we have a plethora of essential and premium additional services to help you run your operations smoothly.


For full management of your office cleaning in Sheffield, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire, that will reach and exceed your high standards...

NowThen Cleaners are the unparalleled choice.

NowThen Cleaners

bespoke commercial cleaning checklist


Bespoke checklists tailored to the requirements of your office cleaning in Sheffield.

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Why NowThen Cleaners for your office cleaning?

We give you the truest economical benefit for your business.

With real-time GPS and tracking software, you're billed accurately for the cleaning completed, giving you the truest economical benefit for your business.

We attract and retain talented staff and provide all HR support. Spend time on your business and leave us to handle consuming matters.

All employees use our specialist software to follow streamlined processes for maximum productivity and efficiency.

With an extensive team of full-time mobile supervisors, we can promise full attendance in the event of sickness and annual leave.

We have simplified communication processes to always keep you in the loop. Our friendly and responsive team are available 7 days a week.

With £5 million in public liability insurance, you can have peace of mind that we're covered in any event.

We diligently reduce our impact using friendly, effective refillable and recyclable solutions, and cut emissions from staff commutes.

All HSE compliant RAMS and COSHH are created for your site operative. We take our responsibility for staff and client wellbeing seriously.

Our services extend beyond office cleaning in Sheffield

Exterior windows and signage cleaning, sanitary and recycling collections, essential and premium consumables; these are just a few of our services...

We have the solution for your problems with office cleaning in Sheffield

Locations we serve

We service office cleaning in Sheffield and across the following locations...

















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Let us ease your pain points with office cleaning in Sheffield

Achieving greatness together.

Always striving to go above and beyond, NowThen Cleaners is passionate about people and the great things that can be achieved when we all work together. We're a commercial cleaning company that really do care about client and employee satisfaction, after all they are the reason we get up and do what we do every day.

Hugo Russell | Director

How it works

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With a regular office cleaning, we assure that your office can stay tidy and organised throughout the week

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