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Choosing the right school cleaning provider

Managing school cleaning can be demanding. Outsourcing it is the first step to reduce your workload, letting you focus on core priorities. However, not all school cleaning providers are equal—you need an experienced specialist who won't let you down. At NowThen Cleaners we handle recruitment, background and safeguarding assurances, short and long-term absence cover, performance management, HR matters, and even complex TUPE transfers, leaving you to focus on creating a great learning environment.

Not all cleaning companies were built equally—our primary commitment is to never let you down.

Our commitment to responsible school cleaning

As a responsible school cleaning company, we prioritise safety and compliance. Our stringent background checks and safeguarding measures guarantee a secure learning environment. By choosing NowThen Cleaners, you partner with a company committed to child protection, legal compliance, and upholding your school's reputation. We're the responsible choice for your school cleaning needs.

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services tailored to suit a wide range of school cleaning needs in Sheffield

Tailored cleaning solutions for your unique needs

Every school is one-of-a-kind, and we appreciate that. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and crafts a cleaning plan that suits your school perfectly. If you need us to take care of cleaning supplies and consumables, or installing specialist floor cleaning machinery at your site, we can. Whether you run a small primary school or a large university campus, you can rely on us.

services tailored to suit a wide range of school cleaning needs in Sheffield

Partner with us for a seamless transition to hassle-free school cleaning.

Our specialist school mobile cleaning team fills all the gaps so you never miss a clean.

Expertise in cleaning, recruitment, HR and legal plus other services—we handle it all.

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Elevating cleanliness with our range of services

If your school requires deep cleaning assistance, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle a range of services, including high-level dusting, upholstery and carpet cleaning, and both internal and external window cleaning. We leave no detail untouched, from classrooms and dining halls to toilet blocks and sports facilities. Our comprehensive approach ensures your school always looks its best.

elevating cleanliness with school cleaning services

Rapid response with our growing mobile cover team

At NowThen Cleaners, we take pride in our substantial and extensive cover resource in our ever-growing team of mobile supervisors and cleaners. Not all cleaning companies were built equally, and our primary commitment is to never to let you down. We've nurtured a specialised team of mobile cleaning resources to ensure swift responses to your cleaning needs, whether covering a long-term absence or stepping in to cover last-minute sickness. Regardless of your facility's size or cleaning complexity, our unwavering capacity to deliver on time, every time, remains unparalleled.

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Committed to child protection, legal compliance, and upholding your school's reputation—we're the responsible choice.

Responsible TUPE transfers in school cleaning

Choose expertise for seamless TUPE transitions

Choose an experienced specialist in navigating complex TUPE transfers (Transfer of Undertakings, Protection of Employment). With our TUPE expertise, we ensure seamless staff transitions, respecting employee rights while meeting your school's cleaning needs. Your well-being and staff welfare are our priorities for responsible transitions.

Secure excellence from the start

Selecting the right cleaning provider from the outset is crucial to steer clear of inheriting underperforming staff through TUPE transfer, hired by cleaning companies lacking recruitment expertise. We've encountered numerous instances where schools, dissatisfied with their current cleaning providers, transition to NowThen Cleaners. Fortunately, we have a proven track record of significantly improving staff performance. However, to preempt such situations, it's imperative to make an informed choice of cleaning specialist right from the start.

I'm interested. What happens next?

Please fill out our short contact form and someone will get back to you to arrange a site visit at a convenient time. Our team will then build a proposal based upon your requirements. Upon acceptance, we will take care of all the necessary procedures to ensure a seamless transition and deliver hassle-free, supreme quality cleaning of your educational facility.