Schools & Educational Facilities

Schools & Educational Facilities Cleaning

We take care of the day-to-day full cleaning management of schools, nurseries and educational facilities.

We take care of the day-to-day full cleaning management of schools, nurseries and educational facilities.

Schools and educational facilities cleaning

We take care of full school cleaning management for a wide variety of educational facilities from nursery, primary and secondary schools through to higher education establishments. Our clients include private, religious, council and academy trust schools.

Learning-positive environment

Having a reliable local cleaning company managing your daily school cleaning is essential to keep all surfaces that children and employees come into contact with free of bacteria and germs.

A hygienic school is an important contribution to a learning-positive environment and helps ensure teachers are stress-free and productive as possible, as well as reducing illness and fighting allergies in pupils.

Eliminating outdated cleaning practices

NowThen Cleaners are ahead of the curve when it comes to eliminating outdated and unhygienic cleaning practices. In order to give our clients the best cleaning experience, our top priority is to implement optimal equipment, supplies and methods of working.

Together with our Area Supervisor's frequent site visits and audits, we can guarantee the highest level of care and attention for your premises.

100% school cleaning attendance record

As can be seen with our 100% school cleaning attendance records, we have the infrastructure to ensure your daily needs are consistently met. Enlist the help of school cleaning professionals to guarantee your school a winning start every day.

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"Now Then Cleaners have held our cleaning contract since 1 st August 2018. The company is a professionally run company who meet timescales and quality inspections. They adhere to all safeguarding and security regulations that are required in schools. I would not hesitate to recommend NowThen Cleaners."

Tim, Buildings Supervisor

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